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Biomacromolecules Recent Journal Highlights

Biomacromolecules Editor-in-Chief Sébastien Lecommandoux would like to highlight some exciting updates to the journal.

Biomacromolecules’ Editorial Team

A number of new faces have joined the journal’s editorial team, bringing an array of experiences and expertise. Visit the journal’s Editors & Editorial Board page to see a complete list of members.

Biomacromolecules’ Journal Scope

Biomacromolecules evolves as the field does. The journal’s scope is essential to communicating the breadth of research it covers.

Biomacromolecules is a leading forum for the dissemination of cutting-edge research at the interface of polymer science and biology. Submissions to Biomacromoleculesshould contain strong elements of innovation in terms of macromolecular design, synthesis, and characterization, or in the application of polymer materials to biology and medicine.

Topics covered by Biomacromolecules include, but are not exclusively limited to: sustainable polymers, polymers based on natural and renewable resources, degradable polymers, polymer conjugates, polymeric drugs, polymers in biocatalysis, biomacromolecular assembly, biomimetic polymers, polymer-biomineral hybrids, biomimetic-polymer processing, polymer recycling, bioactive polymer surfaces, original polymer design for biomedical applications such as immunotherapy, drug delivery, gene delivery, antimicrobial applications, diagnostic imaging and biosensing, polymers in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, polymeric scaffolds and hydrogels for cell culture and delivery.

Biomacromolecules’ Impact Factor

In 2019, Biomacromolecules achieved its highest journal Impact Factor yet: 6.092! This figure is determined by dividing the number of citations received in 2019 for content published in 2017 and 2018 by the number of articles published in Biomacromolecules in 2017 and 2018.

Recent Biomacromolecules Special Issue

The recently published Biomacromolecules special issue, Polymer Colloids: Synthesis Fundamentals to Applications, highlights research from The International Polymer Colloid Group (IPCG). The IPCG was founded in 1972 as a forum for the exchange of ideas and emerging research activities for scientists and engineers from both academia and industry who study or use polymer colloids. The increasing relevance of polymeric structures with colloidal dimensions to biomacromolecules research provided the impetus for organizing this special issue. The IPCG is composed of over 120 researchers from over 20 countries who are elected to membership. Activities comprise annual symposia including a biennial International Polymer Colloid Group Research Conference and a semiannual newsletter that incorporates a summary of recent (including unpublished) research results from our members.

In the accompanying editorial, the special issue editors, Michael J. Monteiro and Michael F. Cunningham, write,

It is our intent with this issue to connect biomacromolecule researchers with the polymer colloids community and foster a deeper mutual understanding of the expertise and experience each community has developed.

Biomacromolecules’ New Reviewer & Author Processes

There are new updates and changes to the review process, with regards to the submission of Review articles. Please visit the Biomacromolecules Author Guidelines to learn more. For additional resources from ACS on authoring and reviewing, you can access the ACS Publishing Center, the ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication, ACS Reviewer Lab, and ACS Author Lab.

For more updates and content, follow the journal on Twitter @MacroJrnls_ACS.

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