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The Missing Piece of the Lab Safety Puzzle

It’s not controversial to say that lab safety matters. Chemists the world over can agree that research needs to be done in a manner that protects the health and wellbeing of everyone who works in the lab. So why is safety still such an issue?

During a recent session of ACS Publications’ “Changing the Culture of Chemistry’ series, an expert panel discussed many of the misconceptions around lab safety. They also shared some things people can do (regardless of their career level) to create a workplace culture that values health and safety. Together, they showed the audience how communication and culture can lead to workplaces where everyone can feel safe.

Watch an on-demand presentation of the webinar:

Speakers at the webinar included:

  • Mary Beth Mulcahy, Manager in the Global Chemical and Biological Security group at Sandia National Laboratories, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Chemical Health & Safety
  • Michael B. Blayney, Executive Director, Research Safety at Northwestern University
  • Monica Mame Soma Nyansa, Ph.D. Student, Michigan Technological University
  • Kali Miller, Managing Editor, ACS Publications

The session closed with a question-and-answer session moderated by Kali Miller, an ACS Publications Managing Editor, where all three panelists were able to share more insights and advice.

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