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Accounts of Chemical Research: At the Intersection of Data Science and Chemistry

Accounts of Chemical Research is a popular venue for concise reports on focused topics in which the authors are world experts. It is perfect for readers wanting to be broadly educated about current research frontiers in chemistry and related sciences. Among the journal’s most popular features are its Special Issues.

The journal’s latest Special Issue, “Data Science Meets Chemistry,” was guest-edited by Heather J. Kulik (MIT) and Matt Sigman (University of Utah). It discusses a new wave of research that is already changing the manner in which chemists are addressing and understanding the physical world.

The issue includes contributions demonstrating the impact data science techniques have had in chemistry including chemical and materials synthesis, catalyst and materials design, and overhauling the models used in traditional theoretical or computational chemistry. As such techniques begin to demonstrate key advances in the chemical sciences, machine learning, and statistical techniques are becoming a core part of the chemist’s toolkit.

Recently, the journal met with the guest editors to discuss the field and the Special Issue. Check out the interview below:


Read the Special Issue here

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