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Call for Papers: From Reaction Informatics to Chemical Space

The Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling is currently preparing a special issue focusing on recent developments in modeling the synthetically accessible space of small organic compounds. Modeling chemical space is critically important in enabling machine learning to drive pharmaceutical and biotechnological research. This special issue aims to give a broad overview of this emerging, exciting technology and will provide visibility for authors’ excellent science.

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Submission Instructions

Manuscripts must adhere to the guidelines available on the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling page and must be submitted electronically through the ACS Paragon Plus portal.

In Paragon Plus, specify a manuscript type, and activate the special issue feature to designate the paper for ‘From Reaction Informatics to Chemical Space.’ In addition, state in your cover letter that the paper is being submitted for the special issue.

All invited and contributed manuscripts will be screened for suitability upon submission and undergo the standard peer-review procedure of the journal. The final submission deadline for inclusion in the special issue is September 1, 2021.

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