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Get Up to Speed Quickly on Emerging Topics

The ACS In Focus digital books help readers of all levels accelerate their fundamental understanding of emerging topics and techniques from across the sciences. In an instructional setting, these works bridge the gap between textbooks and literature. For seasoned scientists, they satisfy the hunger for continuous growth in knowledge and capability.

ACS In Focus is a range of digital publications brought to life through videos, animations, and molecular models delivered in an e-reader that enables you to learn when it suits you, on or offline.

The ACS In Focus series is organized by and may be purchased in collections. The Inaugural Collection, comprised of 10 books, is now complete and includes titles such as Machine Learning in Chemistry and Science & Public Policy.

Future collections will be available in sets of 20 e-books. Browse the series page to view current and upcoming books, such as currently available titles from Collection 1, Astrochemistry, and Virtual Screening for Chemists.

Find out more and explore access options at the ACS Solutions Center.


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