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ACS Publications is known for putting on high-quality, engaging events and lectures all over the world. Now it’s easier than ever to find out when an ACS Publications event is happening near you, or even get the benefit of attending events that are happening halfway around the world. Whatever type of event you are interested in, you’ll find what you’re looking for on the new ACS Publications events page.

The new page puts all of our events information in one convenient location. Now you can use this site to search, filter, and register for upcoming events from ACS on Campus, ACS Publications Webinars, Symposium Sessions, and more. The new page covers traditional in-person events, but also virtual and hybrid offerings that you can attend from wherever you are.

If you can’t make it to an upcoming event that interests you, don’t worry. The page also offers a collection of on-demand events that you can view at any time.

You can visit the page now to browse our events or click on some of the featured events below to get a taste of what’s available.

Upcoming Events

Chemical Reviews Thematic Talk Series – Gold Chemistry

Thematic Issues cover topics of high interest selected by Chemical Reviews Editors, bringing these issues to life in a new and engaging way.


ACS Macro Letters 10th Anniversary Webinar series – Future Opportunities/ Challenges for Polymers

In celebration of ACS Macro Letters’ 10th anniversary, join a panel of speakers with a variety of expertise focusing on different topics within polymer science.


ACS Science Live: Microplastic and Health (微塑料与健康)

Co-hosted with Nankai University and Chinese Society for Environmental Research, ACS Publications invited top Chinese scientists to join the discussion on their research on the much-discussed topic of how microplastic in the environment impacts our health.


On-Demand Events

Grand Challenges in Bio & Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers in Carbohydrate and Protein Chemistry

This webinar focussed on addressing “Grand Challenges in Biological & Medicinal Chemistry”, with a talk from Prof. Professor David Baker (University of Washington, USA) on “The Coming of Age of De Novo Protein Design” and a talk from Professor Laura Kiessling (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) on “Glycans in Health and Disease.”


Grand Challenges in Polymer Science & Soft Matter

Polymer research entered its second century in 2021. The landmark first report of polymerization by Staudinger in 1920 opened the floodgates for new developments that helped shape the 20th Century. But how can we equip polymer scientists to address the 21st Century’s Grand Challenges to shape a sustainable future? What challenges should you consider for your research? Can the way we share and publish research accelerate new discoveries?


Bridging the Gap: Linking Analytical Chemistry to Biological Effects

Big-data revolutions in analytical chemistry and molecular biology are coinciding. The convergence allows us the unprecedented potential to connect environmental chemical exposure to toxicological endpoints.


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