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More Opportunities to Showcase Your Research on an ACS Journal Cover!

ACS Publications is pleased to enhance our supplementary cover art programan opportunity for you to promote your published research and present your findings in a way that is novel and visually impactful. Effective at the end of January 2022, we have expanded the maximum number of supplementary covers available from three per journal issue to four per journal issue. Additionally, future supplementary covers will now be featured as a thumbnail on the related published article webpage, in addition to the PDF:

By having your research featured on a supplementary journal cover, you have the opportunity to increase the visibility of your published article. ACS still provides supplementary cover authors with an 18” x 24” printed poster personalized with the article title and first author’s name, along with a high-resolution graphic file for inclusion in scientific talks and presentations, for use on lab websites, or to post on social media. Your supplementary cover will be featured on your published article and the journal website, and we will reshare it on ACS Publications’ social media platforms.

If you are invited to submit a revision to any ACS journal, you can submit your cover art for consideration as one of the journal’s supplementary covers. The program is now available for authors who publish in all ACS journals.

Hear more from some of the authors who have participated in the program:

I framed the JACS cover art image and posted it in the hallway, so everyone can see this. This is an excellent way to promote our science, not only to the chemistry community but also to the general public.

-Seung Bum Park, Seoul National University

We have developed a cosmetic product range called Dr. Craft, and one of our products contains blackcurrant anthocyanins. When launching the new products in 2018 we wanted to cover as many promotional opportunities as possible and this cover art was a fantastic part of that. We also used the poster when we participated in the ACS GC&E Product Showcase.

-Richard Blackburn, University of Leeds

The cover picture is quite helpful to advertise to 3rd-year undergraduate students, who are choosing a research group to join. Although they don’t necessarily understand our research, they can see the activity of our research as well as the atmosphere of our group. As a result, highly motivated students joined our laboratory, it’s great!

-Itaru Nakamura, Tohoku University

Learn more about the expanded supplementary cover art program and how you can showcase your research further for the world to see!

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