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Call for Papers: Second Special Issue on Methods for Omics Research

The Journal of Proteome Research is planning to publish its second Special Issue on Methods for Omics Research, which will highlight novel and/or significantly updated methods for proteomics, metabolomics and omics studies in general. For readers, this Methods Special Issue will be an easily identifiable source of methods that have been specifically reviewed for their applicability and ease of adoption. For authors, the Special Issue provides visibility and wider adoption of methods in the proteomics community through dissemination and documentation. In addition, the Special Issue will become a convenient platform to publish significantly updated and improved methods that may have been already published.

The Methods Special Issue will be managed by Journal of Proteome Research Associate Editors Josh LaBaer and Meng-Qiu Dong and Guest Editor Laurence Florens and will cover all subdisciplines within the scope of Journal of Proteome Research.

We invite you to submit a manuscript by Dec 1, 2022 for inclusion in the 2023 Special Issue on Methods for Omics Research.


Authors must present either a complete description of a relevant novel method (“Research Article” submission) or a substantial and meaningful update of a previously published method (“Technical Note” submission). The focus of the paper should be on the unique functionality of the method. It should be clear to any reader what questions the method addresses and how it is used.

Demonstration of at least one example of an important application of the method should be included in the paper. Data generated to illustrate a method should be supported by an appropriate number of replicates and statistical analyses. In addition, there should be sufficient detail about the method to allow easy replication.

Data associated with demonstrating the method must be submitted to an appropriate repository at the time of submission, along with full access information to the data provided in the manuscript (dataset identifier(s), username, and password). For novel computational methods, software should be made executable, at a minimum, and preferably have source codes made available.

Instructions for Submission

Manuscripts must adhere to the guidelines available on the Information for Authors page for Journal of Proteome Research and the further details laid out in “Managing Expectations When Publishing Tools and Methods for Computational Proteomics” by Martens et al., and be submitted electronically through the ACS Paragon Plus portal. In ACS Paragon Plus, specify a manuscript type, and activate the special issue feature to designate the paper for Methods for Omics Research. In addition, include a statement in your cover letter that the paper is being submitted for the special issue. Provide names and contact information for at least four suggested reviewers who can meaningfully comment on the described method.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts for the 2023 Special Issue on Methods is Dec 1, 2022. Manuscripts will be screened for suitability for the Special Issue.

Learn More: Read the 2020 Special Issue on Methods for Omics Research, including the Editorial by Laurence Florens, Meng-Qui Dong, and Joshua LaBaer.

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