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Announcing the winner of the 2022 ACS Central Science Disruptors and Innovators Prize

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The American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications Division and ACS Central Science are proud to announce the winner of the ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize, Clare Grey, D.Phil., FRS, of Cambridge University. Since 2019, the ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize has recognized individuals who, through their innovative research, are advancing the central science of chemistry.

Professor Grey is awarded the Prize for her extensive and disruptive research in pioneering applications of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance to materials of relevance to energy and the environment.

“I’m honored and excited to have won this award – a wonderful recognition of not just me, but also the students and post-docs who have worked with me in both the US and the UK to make this happen,” says Grey. “It is also great to see my fundamental science being appreciated in this way.” 

Prof. Grey is the Geoffrey Moorhouse-Gibson professor of chemistry at Cambridge University and a fellow of Pembroke College Cambridge and holds a Royal Society professorship. She received a BA and D.Phil. in chemistry from Oxford University. She was the founding director of the Northeastern Chemical Energy Storage Center, a US Department of Energy, Energy Frontier Research Center, a Center she started while a Professor at Stony Brook University. She is currently the director of the EPSRC Centre for Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems and an Expert Panel member of the Faraday Institution. Grey is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Richard R. Ernst Prize in Magnetic Resonance, the Royal Society Hughes Award, and the Körber Award for her contributions to the optimization of batteries using NMR spectroscopy, and she is a foreign member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Her current research interests include the use of solid-state NMR and diffraction-based methods to determine structure-function relationships in materials for energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors) and conversion (fuel cells). She is a cofounder of the company Nyobolt, which seeks to develop batteries for fast charge applications. 

Disruptors and Innovators Prize 2022

“It is my tremendous honor to present the 2022 ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Award to Prof. Clare Grey, in recognition of her pioneering work in fundamental studies of rechargeable battery materials using solid state NMR methodology,” says Carolyn Bertozzi, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief of ACS Central Science. “Prof. Grey is an inspiration to the scientific community and her work perfectly embodies the power of chemistry as the central science.”

Prof. Grey will accept the prize at an upcoming virtual symposium, during which she will present a Disruptors Lecture. More details can be found on the ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize website.

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Selected publications

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Single-Source Deposition of Mixed-Metal Oxide Films Containing Zirconium and 3d Transition Metals for (Photo)electrocatalytic Water Oxidation

Victor Riesgo-Gonzalez, Subhajit Bhattacharjee, Xinsheng Dong, David S. Hall, Virgil Andrei, Andrew D. Bond, Clare P. Grey, Erwin Reisner, and Dominic S. Wright


Article icon

Electrolyte Reactivity at the Charged Ni-Rich Cathode Interface and Degradation in Li-Ion Batteries

Wesley M. Dose, Israel Temprano, Jennifer P. Allen, Erik Björklund, Christopher A. O’Keefe, Weiqun Li, B. Layla Mehdi, Robert S. Weatherup, Michael F. L. De Volder, and Clare P. Grey


Article icon

Cycle-Induced Interfacial Degradation and Transition-Metal Cross-Over in LiNi0.8Mn0.1Co0.1O2–Graphite Cells

Erik Björklund, Chao Xu, Wesley M. Dose, Christopher G. Sole, Pardeep K. Thakur, Tien-Lin Lee, Michael F. L. De Volder, Clare P. Grey, and Robert S. Weatherup


Article icon

New Magnetic Resonance and Computational Methods to Study Crossover Reactions in Li-Air and Redox Flow Batteries Using TEMPO

Evelyna Wang, Evan Wenbo Zhao, and Clare P. Grey


Article icon

Exploring the Role of Cluster Formation in UiO Family Hf Metal–Organic Frameworks with in Situ X-ray Pair Distribution Function Analysis

Francesca C. N. Firth, Michael W. Gaultois, Yue Wu, Joshua M. Stratford, Dean S. Keeble, Clare P. Grey, and Matthew J. Cliffe


Article icon

Improved Description of Organic Matter in Shales by Enhanced Solid Fraction Detection with Low-Field 1H NMR Relaxometry

Panattoni, A. A. Colbourne, E. J. Fordham, J. Mitchell, C. P. Grey, and P. C. M. M. Magusin


Article icon

Density Functional Theory-Based Bond Pathway Decompositions of Hyperfine Shifts: Equipping Solid-State NMR to Characterize Atomic Environments in Paramagnetic Materials

Derek S. Middlemiss, Andrew J. Ilott, Raphaële J. Clément, Fiona C. Strobridge, and Clare P. Grey

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