This Special Issue will showcase the recent development of chemical imaging tools for bioimaging of metals. Submit your manuscript by December 31, 2024.

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Metals play many essential structural and catalytic roles in biology; an estimated 30-40% of all proteins require metals for normal function. Conversely, metal-mediated toxicity is linked directly and indirectly to many prevalent health disorders, including cancer, neurodegeneration, and organ failure. Damaging health effects can derive from metals of both endogenous and exogenous origin. Typically present in low concentrations in biological tissues, metals require highly sensitive analytical techniques to visualize their distributions at regional, cellular, and intracellular length scales. Such localization is critical to identifying sites of metal accumulation and toxicity, as well as in assessing the efficacy of metal-based biomarkers and therapeutic interventions.

In response to this emerging need, advanced chemical imaging tools such as optical imaging, mass spectrometry imaging, synchrotron x-ray spectromicroscopy, and positron emission tomography have enabled key physicochemical properties to be probed with distribution mapping to provide ever increasing sensitivity and accuracy. This has paved the way for better understanding of metal-dependent biological processes and to more nuanced application of metals in medicine. This special issue aims to showcase the advances by emerging leaders in this exciting field.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Chemical imaging of metals in biological tissues and cell culture models
  • Novel analytical approaches for chemical mapping of inorganics in health and disease
  • In vivo imaging of metals and metallodrugs
  • Imaging probes for metals
  • Computational methods aimed at improving bioimaging of metals

Organizing Editors

Jake Brooks, Guest Editor
University of Warwick, United Kingdom

George Firth, Guest Editor
King's College London, United Kingdom

Yuncong Chen, Guest Editor
Nanjing University, China

Deju Ye, Executive Editor, Chemical & Biomedical Imaging
Nanjing University, China

Submission Information

Submissions are welcome through December 31, 2024.

Papers accepted for inclusion in this Special Issue will be highlighted as a significant contribution to this expanding field. If accepted, publications will go online as soon as possible with a DOI, and will be published in one of the next available issues. Publications on this topic will be assembled into a Special Issue in 2025 and widely promoted.

All articles will be peer reviewed prior to acceptance to ensure they fit the scope of the Special Issue and meet the high scientific publishing standards of Chemical & Biomedical Imaging. The peer review process for all papers will be managed by Executive Editor Prof. Deju Ye to ensure rigor is maintained.

Chemical & Biomedical Imaging is an open access journal. Article Publishing Charges are waived for this Special Issue. Visit our Open Science Resource Center to learn more about our various open access options available to researchers.

How to Submit

  • Log in to the ACS Paragon Plus submission site.
  • Choose Chemical & Biomedical Imaging as your journal.
  • Select your manuscript type.
  • Under the ‘Special Issue Selection’ menu, choose ‘Bioimaging of Metals'

Please see our Author Guidelines for more information on submission requirements. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2024

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