This Special Issue will showcase advances and applications within the exciting field of sub-diffraction chemical imaging. Submit your manuscript by June 30, 2024.

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Over the past decade, novel microscopies that break the light diffraction limits have continued to develop. Examples include infrared photothermal microscopy, that breaks the diffraction limit in IR imaging, and expansion microscopy that allows super-resolution fluorescence imaging on a conventional microscope. There has been a significant acceleration in structural illumination microscopy (SIM) and single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) and advancements have pushed the resolution limit of stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy on the angstrom scale. In parallel, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are elegantly applied to break the diffraction limits of images recorded on a conventional microscope.

These innovations have enabled exciting applications, including the study of single particle catalysis, biomolecule trafficking inside a live cell, dynamic imaging of cellular organelles, and many others.

The Editors of Chemical & Biomedical Imaging are pleased to announce a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Sub-diffraction Chemical Imaging, to showcase the most recent advances in the field.

This Special Issue will launch in 2024, on the 10th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry being awarded to super-resolved fluorescence microscopy.

Organizing Editors

This Call for Papers and subsequent Special Issue will be managed by:

Ji-Xin Cheng, Guest Editor
Boston University, USA

Tai-Yen Chen, Guest Editor
University of Houston, USA

Peng Chen, Associate Editor, Chemical & Biomedical Imaging
Cornell University, USA

Submission Information

Papers accepted for inclusion in this Special Issue will be highlighted as a significant contribution to this expanding field. If accepted, publications will go online as soon as possible and be published in the next available issue. Publications on this topic will be gathered into a Special Issue in 2024 and widely promoted.

Submissions are welcome through June 30, 2024. All articles will be peer reviewed prior to acceptance to ensure they fit the scope of the Special Issue and meet the high scientific publishing standards of Chemical & Biomedical Imaging. The peer review process for all papers will be managed by Associate Editor Prof. Peng Chen to ensure rigor is maintained.

Chemical & Biomedical Imaging is an open access journal. The Article Publishing Charges are waived for this Special Issue.

How to Submit

  • Log in to the ACS Paragon Plus submission site.
  • Choose Chemical & Biomedical Imaging as your journal.
  • Select your manuscript type.
  • Under the ‘Special Issue Selection’ menu, choose ‘Sub-diffraction Chemical Imaging '

Please see our Author Guidelines for more information on submission requirements. The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2024.

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