This Virtual Special Issue will celebrate work inspired by the career of the late Chris Walsh. Submit your manuscript by August 31, 2024.

A man sitting in front of a blue background with a molecule in front of him.

The study of biosynthetic pathways and the enzymes that comprise them have evolved profoundly over the past few decades from painstaking efforts to identify labeled intermediates using single enzyme knockouts or infer backwards from an array of potential activities to a burgeoning, bioinformatic logic that can translate genes into chemical transformations and enable deeper investigation into the inner workings of biosynthetic machinery.

The career of Chris Walsh spanned many of these changes and he made fundamental contributions that have helped lead the fields to where they stand today, through contributions of his own lab, his extensive collaborative network, and countless researchers that he inspired.This Virtual Special Issue celebrates the legacy of an incredible pioneer, and pays tribute to the methodological and conceptual breakthroughs from his papers—almost 200 of which were published in Biochemistry.

If you have worked with Walsh, traversed the enzymatic paths he helped discover, or just taken inspiration from his research, we invite you to contribute to this collection.

Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

  • Mechanistic enzymology
  • Enzymology of biosynthetic machinery
  • New biosynthetic pathways
  • Natural product discovery
  • Antibiotic mechanism of action and resistance
  • Computational tools for natural product investigations

Organizing Editors

Albert Bowers, Ph.D., Guest Editor
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States

Roberto Kolter, Ph.D., Guest Editor
Harvard University, United States

Author Instructions

To submit your manuscript, please visit the Biochemistry website. Please follow the normal procedures for manuscript submission, and when in the ACS Paragon Plus submission site, select the special issue of “A Tribute to Christopher T. Walsh.” All manuscripts will undergo the normal peer review process. For additional submission instructions, please see the Biochemistry Author Guidelines.

The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2024. Submit your manuscript now.

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