This Special Issue will celebrate the substantial and essential contributions that women have made to the fields of Proteomics and Metabolomics. Submit your manuscript by November 15, 2023.

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ACS’ portfolio-wide Editorial in June 2020 stressed the importance of diversity, inclusion, and respect across its publishing platform. Still, as shown in the 2022 Diversity Data Report, men continue to make up the majority of ACS journals’ authors, reviewers, Editors, and Editorial Advisory Board members. In the biological sciences, women make up less than ¼ of all submitting authors. Acknowledging that we can be part of the solution to accelerate the path forward to gender parity, as editors at Journal of Proteome Research (JPR), we are committed to launching a Special Issue dedicated to women in proteomics and metabolomics. This Special Issue will celebrate the substantial and essential contributions that women have made to these fields of science. Women scientists have pushed the boundaries of research, have opened new scientific directions, and have been core contributors to both technological developments and biological/clinical discoveries.

For readers, this Special Issue will be an easily identifiable source of high-quality papers spearheaded by women in the field. For authors, the Special Issue provides a venue of increased visibility for their work. We have multiple goals for this initiative. One is to highlight and bring attention to the outstanding work that is being done by women in proteomics and metabolomics, as first authors or as corresponding authors. Another is to encourage women to submit their work for inclusion in this issue. We also encourage men in leadership positions to use this opportunity to submit manuscripts where a woman is the first author and to mentor/coach them in this process.

The Women in Proteomics and Metabolomics Special Issue will be managed by JPR Associate Editors Ileana Cristea (Princeton University) and Claire Eyers (Liverpool University).

Topics included in this Special Issue must be within the journal scope. We encourage interested authors to read the recent Editorial on Publishing in JPR for more information on what the journal is looking for in a submission.

Applications included in the paper should contain appropriate validation.

Data generated should be supported by an appropriate number of replicates and statistical analyses. In addition, there should be sufficient detail about the methods to allow easy replication.

Data associated with demonstrating the method must be submitted to an appropriate repository at the time of submission, along with full access information to the data provided in the manuscript (dataset identifier(s), username, and password).

Instructions for Submission

Manuscripts must adhere to the guidelines available on the Journal of Proteome Research Information for Authors page and in Martens et al., J. Proteome Res. 2015, 14(5):2002-4; doi: 10.1021/pr501318d, and be submitted electronically through the ACS Paragon Plus portal.

In Paragon, specify manuscript type, and activate the special issue feature to designate the paper for Women in Proteomics and Metabolomics. In addition, include a statement in your cover letter that the paper is being submitted for the special issue. Provide names and contact information for at least four suggested reviewers who can meaningfully comment on the work.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts for the 2023 Special Issue is November 15, 2023. Manuscripts will be screened for suitability for the Special Issue. Eligible manuscripts must have a first or corresponding author who identifies as female.

Open Access

There are diverse open-access options for publications in American Chemical Society journals. Please visit the ACS Open Science Resource Center for more information.

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