Learn more about each of the winners, gain insight into what inspires their research, and view the winning posters.

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The Scientific Organizing Committee of the ACS Publications Symposium: Biological and Medicinal Chemistry accepted 90 abstracts, which were presented during the symposium in Bonn, Germany from March 6-8, 2023.

Five poster winners and one fan favorite were selected based on their exceptional research. We caught up with each of the winners to learn about what inspires their work, their mentors, and important unsolved issues in their respective fields.

Get to know each of the winners and view their posters below.

Zaida L. Almeida, Winner

Headshot of Zaida L. Almeida
Zaida L. Almeida | Chemistry Department and Coimbra Chemistry Centre-Institute of Molecular Sciences (CQC-IMS), University of Coimbra

Smith B. Babiaka, Winner

Headshot of Smith B. Babiaka
Smith B. Babiaka | Senior Lecturer, Georg Forster Alexander von Humboldt and Georg Forster-Bayer; Research Fellow, Natural Products Research | Hughes Research Group, University of Tübingen, Germany

Alica Fischle, Winner

Headshot of Alicia Fischle and her research colleagues
Alicia Fischle | PhD Candidate, University of Münster, Institute of Food Chemistry

Dr. Anna Junker, Winner

Headshot of Anna Junker
Anna Junker | University of Münster, European Institute for Molecular Imaging

Dr. Antoine L. D. Wallabregue, Winner

Headshot of Dr. Antoine Wallabregue
Antoine Wallabregue | Post-Doctoral Researcher Associate/Organic Stipendiary Lecturer, St Hugh’s College; EPSRC Programme Grant - redOX⇌KCL, University of Oxford

Carolin S. Pikullik, Fan Favorite

Headshot of Carolin S. Pikullik
Carolin S. Pikullik| Apothekerin, M. Sc. Drug Research, University of Bonn, Pharmaceutical Institute, Department of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry

View all of the winners below:

Best Poster Winners posting with ACS staff at the Bonn Symposium
Catherine Goodman, ACS Publications; Poster Winners: Anna Junker, Alica Fischle, Antoine L. D. Wallabregue, Smith B. Babiaka, Zaida L. Almeida, and Carolin S. Pikullik; Julio Serrano, ACS Publications; Millie Newman, ACS Publications

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