This Special Issue will showcase leading research in biocatalysis, highlighting advances and potential applications for green and sustainable chemistry in Asia and the Pacific. Submit your manuscript by May 1, 2024.

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Biocatalysis has become an emerging area of modern chemistry, as it addresses many of the principles of green and sustainable chemistry, such as atom economy, less hazardous waste, safer solvents and prevention of pollution. This area has also benefitted from significant technological step-changes in molecular biology, high-throughput chemistry, and computation to provide easy access to millions of biocatalysts for chemical transformations that have the potential to be applied in the chemical industries.

Given that Asia and the Pacific are by far the major producers of chemicals in the world, combatting pollution by more environmentally friendly processes has driven a burst of research groups with interest in the area of Biocatalysis. This Special Issue in JACS Au aims to highlight their work.

We invite Articles, Letters, and Perspectives from researchers based in the Asia and Pacific region on all topics related to Biocatalysis, including (but not limited to):

  • Biocatalyst discovery
  • Biocatalyst engineering (rational and evolution)
  • Computational methods for de novo biocatalyst design
  • Scale-up of biocatalytic reactions
  • Bioengineering
  • Applications to biopharmaceutical production (Antibodies, Proteins, Nucleic Acids and others)
  • New-to-Nature reactions catalyzed by enzymes
  • Enzymes Cascades

Organizing Editors

Professor Sabine Flitsch, Associate Editor, JACS Au
University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Professor Nicholas Turner, Guest Editor
University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Professor Zhi Li, Guest Editor
National University of Singapore

Submission Information

We welcome submissions for this Special Issue through May 1, 2024. Submissions must comply with our Author Guidelines and will be subject to the usual rigorous peer review to ensure they fit with the scope and conform to the high-quality and significance of JACS Au before acceptance.

Papers accepted for publication for this Special Issue will be first published as they are accepted in a regular issue of the journal with a note indicating that they are part of the Biocatalysis Special Issue. After all submissions have been published, they are then compiled online on a dedicated landing page to form the Special Issue.

How to Submit

If you have any general questions regarding submission to this Special Issue, please contact Professor Sabine Flitsch (

Open Access

JACS Au is a gold open access journal, which means your work will be immediately freely available for anyone to read in perpetuity. Article Publication Charges (APC) apply for publication in this fully open access journal. Please see our website for more information on Open Access Pricing, our ACS Country Discount & Waiver Policy, and ACS Read and Publish Agreements.

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