Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research has been recognizing and publishing the contributions of early-career investigators from around the world through its annual Class of Influential Researchers. In 2021, these awards will focus on researchers in The Americas, with future years focusing on other parts of the world. We invite nominations (including self-nominations) of researchers in […]


  • Researchers based at affiliated institutions in The Americas and within the first ten (10) years of their independent career (2011-)
  • This award must be based on research done during the nominee’s independent career, and cannot be based on research completed as part of their graduate education or post-doctoral training.
  • Nominees must not have been previously recognized in previous Classes of Influential Researchers (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • We encourage nominations of researchers from university, government, and industrial labs.


  • Completed nomination form detailing name, position, country, etc. (Scroll down to complete the embedded form on this page).
  • A one-page statement (max) describing research contributions made during their independent career
  • List of up to 5 contributions to research (publication, patent, report, etc.) during their independent career, each with a 50-word maximum description of significance or impact. (Do not include the actual articles – just the 50-word statement)
  • Short CV (2-page max).

Additional Information:

We anticipate selecting five (5) award recipients within each of the eight (8) topical sections covered by I&EC Research. These areas are:

  • Applied Chemistry
  • Bioengineering (broadly defined)
  • Kinetics, Catalysis, and Reaction Engineering
  • Materials and Interfaces
  • Process Systems Engineering
  • Separations
  • Thermodynamics, Transport, and Fluid Mechanics
  • General Research

Each 2021 winner will be invited to submit an article to I&EC Research by June 1, 2021, along with their photograph and bio sketch. If their article is accepted, each winner will receive an award plaque and be publicized by ACS Publications as a member of the 2021 Class of Influential Researchers. These articles will be collected in a virtual special issue of I&EC Research highlighting the researchers and their work.

The selection committee will include I&EC Research editors and editorial advisory board members.

If you have questions, please send them to

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