Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research is pleased to announce its 2019 Class of Influential Researchers. The global team of editors and editorial advisory board members identified this class of influential, early career researchers (those with 10 or so years in their independent research career) on the basis of the quality and impact of their research. […]

This Virtual Special Issue comprises both reviews and original research articles invited from this talented group of early-career scientists and engineers. I&EC Research is delighted to showcase these 32 articles and feature these authors. The Influential Researchers are listed below, in alphabetical order by last name, along with their associated articles.

Read the Editorial by Phillip E. Savage, Editor-in-Chief Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

Phillip Christopher

Atomically Dispersed Rh Active Sites on Oxide Supports with Controlled Acidity for Gas-Phase Halide-Free Methanol Carbonylation to Acetic Acid

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