From April 2-6, 2017, San Francisco will become the center of the chemistry and science universe as the American Chemical Society celebrates its 253rd National Meeting & Exposition. This year’s theme “Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems & Processes” brings together international chemists to discuss materials and the ability to make them economical, sustainable, and with the […]

253rd ACS National Meeting and Exposition in San Francisco

From April 2-6, 2017, San Francisco will become the center of the chemistry and science universe as the American Chemical Society celebrates its 253rd National Meeting & Exposition. This year’s theme “Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems & Processes” brings together international chemists to discuss materials and the ability to make them economical, sustainable, and with the properties and functions, the world needs to solve problems. Thousands of chemical professionals, educators, and students from around the world will gather for a five-day meeting packed with learning and networking opportunities.

The theme will be integrated into the highly anticipated Kavli Lecture Series, which promotes groundbreaking discovery and public understanding of the world’s mounting challenges and how chemistry can provide solutions. Lecture attendees will be able to hear Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna, Chemistry Professor at the University of California, Berkley, speak about “Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) systems: Nature’s toolkit for genome engineering.” In addition, Professor Bradley D. Olsen, Associate Professor for the Olsen Research Group, will speak on “Classical challenges in the physical chemistry of polymer networks.”

Be sure to visit the ACS booth and learn about the dynamic programs, products, and services that ACS offers its members to help support and advance their research and careers. While you are at the booth, you can take part in our promotions and contests for a chance to win exciting prizes!

A great first step is to check out Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). C&EN is the weekly resource that chemists count on to deliver the latest chemistry news from the worlds of research, business, education, government, and beyond. Stop by the C&EN Booth to learn about C&EN’s Molecule of the Moment series and win free prizes. Meet Dr. Tobin Marks, this year’s ACS Priestley Medalist winner in the ACS Publications Theater and receive a signed copy of C&EN.

Stop by the ACS Publications booth to learn about our newest journal, ACS Earth and Space Chemistry. And while you’re at the Publications booth, be sure to pick up your free ACS Earth and Space Chemistry spaceman USB light and be entered to win a telescope!

This year we’d also like to extend a big “Thank you!” to our global community of authors and reviewers, who collectively advanced science through the publication of more than 43,000 articles published in the 50+ peer-reviewed journals in the ACS Publications portfolio. In particular, we will reveal & honor the most-read author from 2016, through a guest generated mosaic created in real time over the course of the meeting. While you are at the booth, Discover if it’s you in 3 simple steps:

  1. SNAP: Take a selfie
  2. POST & TAG: Upload on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #ACSmosaic and tag “amerchemsociety”
  3. PLACE: At the National Meeting stop by the ACS Publications booth to print your photo and place on a matching cell of our interactive mosaic. Together, we’ll build a billboard-sized work of art created in real time to reveal the face of the most-read author in 2016. Is it you?

At CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, we are scientists, technologists and business leaders who continuously and passionately pursue new knowledge in our quest to fuel scientific discovery and empower innovation. Dedicated to the ACS vision of improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry, the CAS team of highly trained scientists finds, collects and organizes all publicly disclosed substance information, creating the world’s most reliable collection of content that is vital to innovation worldwide.

CAS provides a suite of solutions, including SciFinder®, STN®, PatentPak™, NCI™ Global, Science IP®, MethodsNow™, ChemZent™, and our latest solutions SciFindern and Chemistry Class AdvantageTM. We welcome your visit to the ACS booth to learn more about exciting workflow solutions from CAS that help you make more confident research decisions. Get to know CAS, and let’s explore ways we can advance research together!

The ACS website, is undergoing a transformation! Our goal is to simplify the navigation and tell the ACS brand story in a more captivating way, so you can find what you need faster and discover new things more easily. Stop by the ACS Web kiosk to provide input, learn more and receive a gift while supplies last.

The ACS Career Navigator™ is your home for career services, leadership development, in-person and online professional education courses, and market intelligence resources. Our team will be on hand to explain how the ACS Career Navigator™ products and services help you achieve your career goals, along with providing opportunities to refresh skills and branch into new areas of emerging science and advanced applications. Discover how we can help you take charge of your career and play our quiz game to win a prize!

Stop by the Education Division booth to learn about the ChemIDP, AACT, the ACS Science Coaches programs, professional education offerings, and more. Are you an undergraduate, graduate student, or seeking to build your skills? If so, do you know your career options or how to map a plan to achieve your career goals? Are you a teacher looking for professional development resources? Are you a parent looking for nice giveaways to donate to your child’s school? If you answered yes to any of these questions, stop by our booth to learn more about our offerings at all educational levels.

The ACS Meetings and Expositions booth will be sharing information on current and future meetings. Register for a regional meeting or get information on submitting an abstract to a meeting in your region. The programming at regional and national meetings is diverse and exciting! Visit the regional meetings website for a tour of this year’s conferences.

Learn how the ACS Member Insurance Program can help you protect the elements you’ve built your life around. Explore an assortment of insurance solutions that are available exclusively to ACS members, such as Life & Health, International Term Life Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, Long Term Care, Auto & Homeowners and Professional Liability. Also learn about our latest addition: Chemical Educators’ Legal Liability. If you are a chemistry educator, visit us for a complimentary 15-minute consultation about Chemical Educators’ Legal Liability and learn how this policy provides the unique coverage necessary for you. Visit to schedule your complimentary consultation.

ACS members get a gift for sharing their story at at the National Meeting. Let us know how you connect, share, discover, and advance with ACS.

Of course, the team at the membership kiosk will be there to answer any questions you have about the benefits of ACS membership. If you have questions about ACS membership at any other time, please call 800-333-9511 or +1-614-447-3776 (from outside of the U.S.), M–F, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, or email us at

Finally, don’t leave San Francisco without getting your T-shirts, mole souvenirs, beaker mugs, and more at the ACS Store.

See you in San Francisco!

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