Accounts of Chemical Research is a known for publishing concise reports on focused topics from world-renowned experts and is a “go-to” for readers wanting to be broadly educated about the current research frontiers in chemistry and related sciences. Here we have compiled all of the 2018 Special Issues for your reading convenience. Topics include: intermetallic […]

This Special Issue on Advancing Chemistry through Intermetallic Compounds, guest edited by Daniel Fredrickson and Gordon Miller, emphasizes the synergy within research in the molecular and intermetallic realms, including chemical strides forward in the preparation of unprecedented compounds, the recognition of deeper connections between the bonding and properties of metals and molecules, and the discovery of new reactivity made possible through intermetallic catalysts.

The Special Issue on “Energy Storage: Complexities Among Materials and Interfaces at Multiple Length Scales”, guest-edited by Esther Takeuchi (Stony Brook University) and Marca Doeff (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), investigates electrical energy storage over multiple length scales.

Guest-edited by Polina Anikeeva (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Charles Lieber (Harvard University), and Jinwoo Cheon (Yonsei University), this Special Issue on “The Interface of Biology with Nanoscience and Electronics” highlights the recent research in bioelectronics and nanomaterials chemistry and the applications in synthetic biology, tissue engineering, and neuroscience.

This Special Issue on “Hydrogen Atom Transfer”, guest-edited by Miquel Costas and Massimo Bietti, presents an overview of the most important aspects and most recent developments of Hydrogen Atom Transfer processes, with the final goal of providing a reference tool for both the practitioner and the newcomer to the field.

Guest-edited by, Vivian Yam (University of Hong Kong), Makoto Fujita (University of Tokyo), and Dean Toste (University of California, Berkeley), this special issue on “Supramolecular Chemistry in Confined Space and Organized Assemblies” presents the many facets of the current challenges and the state-of-the-art approaches in tackling the design principles of supramolecular systems in confined space and organized assemblies of controlled sizes, shapes, and topologies for tuning their properties, functions, and reactivity in diverse areas of catalysis, host–guest chemistry, guest capture and delivery, and emerging materials.

In this Special Issue on “Fundamental Aspects of Self-Powered Nano- and Micromotors”, leading research groups to address fundamental questions and share their latest results in an exciting new field of science. The issue was guest-edited by Ayusman Sen (Pennsylvania State University), Peer Fischer (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), and Anna Balazs (University of Pittsburgh).

This Special Issue on atomic precision in nanoscience, guest edited by Rongchao Jin, Yong Pei, and Tatsuya Tsukuda, promotes the “atomic precision” concept for nanoscience and highlights recent progress in controlling nanoparticles with atomic precision.


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