Accounts of Chemical Research is excited to announce a new video series entitled Lab Accounts. Lab Accounts are short interviews with the authors behind important Accounts and Special Issues. Each video goes beyond the research to tell a larger story about the author(s) and labs producing the research, including their backgrounds and paths to their […]

The Lab Accounts series is ongoing, so stay tuned for our next interview announcement. In the meantime, check out a few of our favorites:

Paul Westerhoff discusses the “Water For Two Worlds: Urban and Rural Communities” Special Issue, including how chemists and engineers are trying to address the issue of clean, safe water for everyone and how ‘safe’ water is defined, among other topics.

Esther Takeuchi, one half of the Guest Editorial team for the journal’s “Energy Storage: Complexities Among Materials and Interfaces at Multiple Length Scales” Special Issue, which discusses why this is an exciting time for battery research, how chemists are meeting the demand for new batteries, and the environmental impact of battery research and production.

Shelley Minteer and Phil Baran, guest editors of the journal’s “Electrifying Synthesis” Special Issue discuss how they got into the field of electrochemistry, joined together with other researchers to create the Center for Synthetic Organic Electrochemistry, the “holy grail” of the field, and whether or not organic chemists should be learning electrochemistry.

Watch all of the Accounts of Chemical Research Lab Accounts interviews here.

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