Accounts of Chemical Research is known for publishing highly read and cited accounts that tell the story of a research project from conception to conclusion. They are like “seminars-in-print,” which analyze the state of the art, provide the motivation behind and significance of the goals, and lay out the framework of the experimental design. They […]

Fresh and New

Recognizing that early-career scientists have some of the freshest ideas and are instrumental in pushing the frontiers of chemistry and related disciplines, the Editors of Accounts of Chemical Research created the inaugural First Accounts Virtual Issue, highlighting articles authored by early-career scientists over the past year. To identify the qualifying group, the editors looked at all corresponding authors who published their first-ever accounts in 2019 and then narrowed the list down to those who had earned their Ph.D. in 2008 or beyond, which resulted in the journal’s final list of 29 First Accounts.

This virtual issue illustrates how early career researchers are some of the most engaged in experimental design and execution in the laboratory. And their passion for molecular design, mechanistic inquiry, and structural evidence comes through in each of the accounts included in the virtual issue.

Read the virtual issue.

PS: If you are an early-career researcher interested in submitting an account, Accounts of Chemical Research invites you to share your research story. For more information, be sure to read the journal’s guidelines on how to submit a proposal before writing.

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