ACS Axial offers new blog posts for chemists every day. But it isn’t the only great blog for chemists out there. As a service to readers, we occasionally highlight the best chemistry blogs. Check out our list of the best chemistry blogs. Each blog on this list is worth a bookmark: Scientific publishing is full […]

best chemistry blog

Check out our list of the best chemistry blogs. Each blog on this list is worth a bookmark:

  1. Scientific publishing is full of spirited debates, and some of the best conversations around these subjects are happening at Scholarly Kitchen. This blog was established by the Society for Scholarly Publishing but is editorially independent and features a variety of viewpoints from guest authors on all manner of topics in academic research and publishing. Recent posts explore areas as diverse as citation distribution, new tools for research discovery, the impact of Brexit on scholars, and cybersecurity. Whatever the article’s focus, it’s worth delving into the comments for more perspectives, as this blog tends to attract an unusually thoughtful audience.
  2. Compound Interest this chemistry blog uses colorful graphics to explore everything from important moments in the history of chemistry to the surprising chemistry of everyday objects. Recent posts delve into the origins of element names, the chemistry of barbecue and even the history of the Erlenmeyer flask. Whatever your field, the site is full of interesting trivia that is delightfully arranged.
  3. Reading Just Like Cooking is like chatting with the most interesting person at a party. You never know what the next topic of conversation will be. This chemistry blog is equally likely to cover research tidbits, lab equipment, the job market for chemists, or even misused superlatives in research papers. This chemistry blog may not update as often as some of the others on this list, but author See Arr Oh’s witty observations are always worth a click.
  4. At The Chronicle Flask, Dr. Kat Day takes a closer look at the chemicals people encounter in their daily lives. The posts on this chemistry blog dispel junk science with aplomb and dry wit. Recent posts look at the science of baby wipes, the surprising history of pseudoephedrine, and even a fun (if ultimately unsuccessful) campaign to get an element named in honor of author Terry Pratchett.
  5. Being able to explain why your research matters can help your work get the attention it deserves, yet many chemists struggle in this area. One of the simplest ways to start honing your communications skills is by reading the Science Communication Media blog. Here you’ll find tips on crafting a message, dealing with online detractors, and holding your own in an interview. In addition to regular posts, there are videos, guides and even a handy supply of Carl Sagan gifs for punctuating your online posts.

Is your favorite chemistry blog missing from this list? Share your pick for the best chemistry blogs in the comments and it may be included in a future installment of this series on the best chemistry blogs everyone should bookmark.

What’s your favorite chemistry blog?

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