ACS Publications is seeking an Editor-in-Chief to lead Accounts of Chemical Research. We invite nominations, including self-nominations, to this position from the community of chemistry researchers.

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Since 1968, Accounts of Chemical Research has presented short, concise, and critical articles offering easy-to-read overviews of basic research and applications in all areas of chemistry and biochemistry. Since its launch, the journal has become a top-rated journal in the field with significant growth from a monthly publication to biweekly publication that is accessed globally.

In 2014, Dr. Cynthia J. Burrows became Editor-in-Chief for Accounts of Chemical Research, and she will be completing her ten years of service at the end of 2023 this year. Under her leadership the journal has increased the number of Special Issues published and has achieved an impressive Impact Factor and CiteScore.

Seeking a new leader

The appointment of a new Editor-in-Chief for any ACS Publications journals is a task that is undertaken thoughtfully and with the respect that is warranted of such an esteemed position.

The selection process begins with the formation of a diverse, experienced, and knowledgeable search committee who are tasked with identifying leading candidates from around the globe.

Candidates are thoroughly discussed and vetted before a finalist emerges. As with each ACS journal, the ACS Board of Directors approves the nomination to complete the search.

Qualities of Effective Editors

ACS Editors-in-Chief are active, accomplished researchers within the international scientific community served by the journal. They have the scientific insight to know where the field is going and to assemble and lead a team of Senior Editors representing the scientific and demographic distribution of the field.

The Editor-in-Chief of Accounts of Chemical Research must be able to work effectively with a team of editors, as well as ACS Publications staff, to manage the day-to-day flow of manuscripts through the editorial process while also pursuing broader strategic initiatives to benefit the journal and ensure that the journal is serving the research community. The Editor-in-Chief is ultimately responsible for the review, selection, and publication of manuscripts submitted to the journal. Additionally, the Editor-in-Chief, along with the Senior Editors, is responsible for identifying top researchers across all disciplines of chemistry and working proactively to bring timely contributions from those researchers into the journal.

The Editor-in-Chief must hold themselves to the highest ethical standards in research and publication, ensuring that manuscripts are processed in a timely manner while receiving a thorough and fair evaluation.

Editor-in-Chief job description for Accounts of Chemical Research

Share your views

The search committee for Accounts of Chemical Research has now been convened and is conducting the search in accordance with ACS Bylaws. In its desire to ensure a broad and diverse pool of candidates, the committee warmly welcomes candidate nominations from across the community. Self-nominations will also be accepted.

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