The future of science research is in good hands, judging by the calibre of the ‘ACS Au Rising Stars.’

3d illustration of a colorful molecular structure with chemical formulas in the background, representing atoms connected by bonds in a scientific concept.

We often hear that the past is not a guide to the future. This is perhaps true in the realms of finance or sports. But for science, we can be sure that nurturing and celebrating new talent today will yield exciting new breakthrough discoveries tomorrow.

Six of the ACS Au open access journals dedicated recent ‘Rising Star’ Virtual Special Issues to celebrating the work of more than 70 inspirational new leaders in scientific research throughout the world.

So for a good indication of the future of science, invest a little of your time in checking out the next generation. The ACS Au journals are fully open access, meaning all articles are available to read and download for anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Check out the ACS Au Rising Stars below:
ACS Environmental Au journal cover

Rising Stars in Environmental Science

In this ACS Environmental Au Virtual Special Issue, we recognize talented early-career researchers working at the frontline to address climate change mitigation, air pollution and health, environmental microbiology, wastewater treatment technology, and contaminant transport in coastal ecosystems.
ACS Materials Au journal cover

Rising Stars in Materials Science

The second in a series of 'Rising Stars in Materials Science,' this Virtual Special Issue features articles from 17 outstanding researchers working in various areas of materials science, along with an accompanying Editorial from Editors of ACS Materials Au.
ACS Measurement Science Au journal cover

Rising Stars in Measurement and Analytical Science

This Virtual Special Issue in ACS Measurement Science Au features the outstanding research of 20 Rising Stars who demonstrate the diversity of the measurement science field and showcase the new directions in which the field is heading.
ACS Organic & Inorganic Au journal cover

Rising Stars in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

This Virtual Special Issue presents peer-reviewed papers from ten outstanding researchers that provide novel insights and pathways for advancements in organic and inorganic chemistry, prefaced with an Editorial written by the Editors of ACS Organic & Inorganic Au.
ACS Polymers Au journal cover

Rising Stars in Macromolecular and Polymer Science

This 2023 'Rising Stars in Polymers' Virtual Special Issue in ACS Polymers Au features a collection of articles by 14 outstanding researchers who are excelling in various areas of polymer science and engineering.

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