Introducing Global Perspective Articles From Environmental Science & Technology Letters

Introducing global perspective articles from Environmental Science & Technology Letters — a new article type bringing together the world’s best minds to provide unique and timely insights into emerging environmental challenges.

In response to growing environmental challenges in a global context of population expansion, climate change, and increasing demands for clean water, food, and energy, Environmental Science & Technology Letters (ES&T Letters) is launching a new manuscript type alongside its traditional letter and review articles, called a “global perspective.” These articles provide rapid exposure, insights, critiques, syntheses, and recommendations on globally important strategic directions, topics, and ambitions in environmental science and technology.

Global Perspective articles will highlight environmental topics gathering global attention, in support of:

  • High-level strategic goals in environmental science and technology including the sustainable supply of food, clean water and sanitation, and the generation of affordable and clean energy;
  • Curbing climate change and adapting to its impacts on public health and the natural world;
  • Designing a future without pollution and waste with responsible consumption and production;
  • Understanding the human health and ecological implications of exposure to complex mixtures of chemicals and other stressors in the environment;
  • Fostering informed decisions and actions for a shared global environment, and to understand and protect public health, and our natural resources and environments on land and below water.

I spoke with ES&T Letters Editor-in-Chief Bryan W. Brooks to learn more about this exciting new initiative.

What motivated you to introduce global perspective articles?

Environmental and public health challenges are pervasive, routinely crossing international boundaries. We must embrace systems-based perspectives, and facilitate researchers working within and among disciplines to better understand and more sustainably manage environment and health issues.

What are your main aims for global perspective articles?

Because ES&T Letters presents a unique international publication venue for communicating timely and urgent findings, global perspective articles will similarly provide a unique forum for synthesis and recommendations on topics of relevance to the global readership of the journal and beyond.

Who should read Global Perspective articles?

We anticipate researchers in environmental science, engineering, and public health, practitioners, and decision-makers will be interested in the timely insights provided by Global Perspective articles.

Read the first Global Perspective article:

Scientific Basis for Managing PFAS as a Chemical Class
Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. 2020, XXXX, XXX, XXX-XXX
DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.0c00255

Global perspective articles are published rapidly as an ‘as soon as publishable’ (ASAP) format prior to final publication in an issue. They undergo full peer review and publication in a matter of weeks following submission.

ES&T Letters is an international forum for brief communications on experimental or theoretical results of exceptional timeliness in all aspects of environmental science and technology, both pure and applied, alongside global perspective and short review articles on emerging environmental science & technology topics.

Visit the journal website to learn more, to explore the current issue, or to submit your manuscript.

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