Explore an editor-curated Virtual Issue and additional safety resources from ACS to learn about chemical safety research, hazard communication and managing risks effectively in your own research, and more.

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National Safety Month is an annual observance in June that aims to increase awareness about the importance of safety in various aspects of our lives. Chemical safety permeates both our personal lives through the many chemical-based products we use and our research lives in the laboratories.

Safety is a core value of ACS, and as principal sources of chemical information, we at ACS Publications believe that it is imperative for both authors and journals to educate readers about inherent risks associated with chemical research. To showcase the breadth of how safety is represented across our entire journal portfolio, editors and safety leaders at ACS Chemical Health & Safety (ACS CHAS) have compiled a Virtual Issue of articles from more than 20 ACS journals.

“Safety is science and analysis. It is people-centric, heavily dependent on human perceptions, experiences, teamwork, and relationships. Safety is organizational, shaping how a laboratory or worksite operates and evolves. And yes, safety is about passion,” writes ACS CHAS Editor-in-Chief Mary Beth Mulcahy in her Editorial. “We trust these articles show that safety is much more about science than compliance."

View the complete Virtual Issue collection below and browse additional ACS chemical safety resources to learn more about how to minimize risks and champion a culture of responsible and safe scientific discovery in your own lab.

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