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Connect with ACS Chemical Health & Safety EIC Mary Beth Mulcahy

Molly Ferns
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ACS Chemical Health & Safety is proud to sponsor the 2021 AIChE Virtual Spring Meeting and 17th Global Congress on Process Safety. Securing the Future through Chemical Engineering & Process Safety Innovations, the AIChE Spring Meeting is a key technical conference for practicing chemical engineers.

ACS Chemical Health & Safety is a global platform for ensuring that the chemical enterprise receives access to new safety research works, information, regulatory updates, effective chemical hygiene practices, and hazard assessment tools. The journal maintains that good science is safe science – from concept to execution.

Join ACS Chemical Health & Safety on Thursday, April 22nd at 12:00 PM Central Time (CT) for a sponsored networking session titled “Chemical Security: Protecting Chemicals from People.” Chemical safety aims to prevent an accidental release of hazardous materials or energy, while chemical security addresses the prevention and control of threats that have the potential to result in unauthorized access, loss, theft, misuse, diversion, or intentional release of hazardous materials or energy. Stated simply: Chemical safety aims to protect people from chemicals, while chemical security aims to protect chemicals from people. In this presentation, Mary Beth Mulcahy, former U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) investigator and current Editor-in-Chief of ACS Chemical Health & Safety will discuss her cross over from chemical safety at the CSB to chemical security at Sandia National Laboratories through a brief introduction to chemical weapons and basic chemical security concepts.

Register to attend the sponsored networking session now.

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