Accounts of Materials Research (AMR) is pleased to launch a new video interview series: AMR Materials Stories. In these short interviews, authors and Editors talk about aspects of their research. The interviews help foster greater communication among scientists and to promote public understanding of science. In the first video, AMR Author Bram Neirinck catches up […]

In the first video, AMR Author Bram Neirinck catches up with Sarah J. Wolff, Co-Guest Editor of the upcoming Virtual Special Issue on Additive Manufacturing of Metals. They discuss powder bed-based additive manufacturing and how metal additive manufacturing changes the world. Find out more and read Bram’s Viewpoint article here.

The second video features J. Fraser Stoddart discussing the use of weak non-covalent interactions such as hydrogen bonding, π-π interactions and other supramolecular forces to design the next generations of materials. Read the Account by Penghao Li, Matthew R. Ryder, and J. Fraser Stoddart.

More interviews are on the way! Keep an eye out for further videos in this series.

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