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Concepts in interface science apply to a plethora of use cases in various subfields of chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering, and interests in applications change over time. Langmuir is interested in creating opportunities to connect the dots across less obviously related contributions and identify specific topics that advance interface science and engineering, anticipating topics that will become the next waves of community interest.

Building on common aspects of molecular recognition, adsorption, assembly, and characterization of functionality in diverse areas, we plan to identify trends in chemical interface science and engineering, classifying ideas and individual contributions into research topics in a new series of Virtual Special Issues:

  1. MOFs for Water Purification and Adsorption
    Submission Deadline: December 1, 2023
  2. Polymer Brushes
    Submission Deadline: December 1, 2023
  3. Reactive Separations for Carbon Capture
    Submission Deadline: March 31, 2024
  4. Heterogeneous Catalysis for Polymer Upcycling
    Submission Deadline: March 31, 2024

The introduction of the first topics is guided by exciting and timely research areas in interface and colloid science that hold exceptional promise for societal impact. These areas include advances in active interfacial assembly, interfacial reactions, solid-liquid interactions including wetting, polymers, and complex functional colloids in these topical domains. Below you can find the first four Virtual Special Issues in Highlights in Interface Science and Engineering. The series of topics for special issues will continue to evolve over time, and research topics will be added based on periodic reviews.

Langmuir is a weekly journal that focuses on the science and engineering of systems and materials in which the interface dominates structure and function. Manuscript submissions on the rational design of interfaces, new concepts, and studies in emerging areas are welcome.

In accordance with our vision of identifying the trends that drive progress in our field, the scope of Langmuir has been revamped and fine-tuned recently to cover the most recent interests in the Interface Science and Engineering community:

  • Polymer interfaces and films;
  • Adsorption, wetting, adhesion and dynamics;
  • Membranes and biofouling;
  • Surfactants, emulsions, microemulsions, vesicles, suspensions, foams and gels;
  • Fundamental theory and computations of interfacial properties;
  • Droplets and their dynamics;
  • Active and adaptive colloids and nanoparticles, self-assembly;
  • Drug delivery, nanomedicine, carriers, targeting, uptake and controlled release;
  • Advances in surface/interface characterization techniques;
  • MOFs, COFs, zeolites and other porous materials;
  • Sensors and biosensors;
  • Rheology, mechanics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics;
  • Van der Waals materials (1D, 2D, 3D and layered);
  • Interfaces for sustainability and energy;
  • Electrochemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis;
  • Single molecule, single atom catalysts and particle dynamics under confinement.

Submission Instructions

Manuscripts must comply with the guidelines available on the Langmuir Information for Authors, and General Guidelines for Authors.

Submission must be made electronically through ACS Paragon Plus. In Paragon Plus, specify a manuscript type then select the Virtual Special Issue of your choice belonging to this series:

  1. MOFs for Water Purification and Adsorption
  2. Polymer Brushes
  3. Reactive Separations for Carbon Capture
  4. Heterogeneous Catalysis for Polymer Upcycling

In addition, state in your cover letter that the paper is being submitted for the corresponding Virtual Special Issue. All invited and contributed manuscripts will be screened for suitability upon submission and undergo the standard peer-review procedure of the journal.

For more information on the journal and manuscript submission, please visit the Langmuir webpage. Queries can be sent to the editorial office at eic@langmuir.acs.org.

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