ACS Applied Engineering Materials seeks submissions to an upcoming Forum highlighting topics related to synthesis, characterization, and performance of organic and inorganic phase change materials (PCMs) and their composites, emphasizing aspects of materials chemistry.

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In 2023, ACS Applied Engineering Materials (Launched 2022) will publish a Forum (partial Special Issue) showcasing recent research advances in thermal energy.

Do you have a research report to include? Submit your manuscript by August 18, 2023.

This Forum intends to highlight topics related to synthesis, characterization, and performance of organic and inorganic phase change materials (PCMs) and their composites, with an emphasis on aspects of materials chemistry. Novel materials, including polymer gels, salt hydrate systems, sustainably derived polymeric PCMs, solid-solid PCMs (including plastic crystals and other systems), novel strategies to PCM encapsulation are all topics of interest.

Additionally, computationally-aided chemical design of PCMs, theoretical and experimental studies of nucleation, and phase equilibria in eutectic systems will be featured. Rational, chemistry-centered approaches to designing novel thermal energy storage nanoscale composites are welcome. Topics focused primarily on heat-transfer, including inclusion of thermally conductive nanoparticles or the use of thermally conductive fins and extended surfaces to enhance heat transfer are not encouraged.

The Editors of ACS Applied Engineering Materials invite you and your team to join them in celebrating the vast and vibrant materials research in the area of thermal energy storage.

The editor committee of this Forum:

Prof. Svetlana Sukhishvili, Associate Editor of ACS Applied Engineering Materials

Prof. Patrick Shamberger, Guest Editor, Texas A&M University

To join this Forum, please be sure to select the Forum topic when submitting you manuscript to ACS Applied Engineering Materials.

Manuscripts submitted for consideration for this Special Issue will undergo the same rigorous peer review process expected from ACS journals. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication can expect to be informed within 10 weeks of their submission date.

When submitting your manuscript please be sure to check that the scope of your manuscript fits that of ACS Applied Engineering Materials. For details of our manuscript types and requirements, please consult the Author Guidelines.

If you have questions about the scope and/or about publishing in ACS Applied Engineering Materials, please contact Associate Publisher Dr. Laura Fernandez.

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