ACS Applied Optical Materials seeks submissions to an upcoming Forum led by Dr. Shin-Tson Wu and Dr. Jang-Kun Song. This forum aims to highlight the latest contributions from scientists and technologists in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices from the optical material perspective.

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In 2023, ACS Applied Optical Materials (Launched 2022) will publish a Forum (partial Special Issue) showcasing recent research advances in optical materials and applications for AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) display systems.

Do you have a research report to include? Submit your manuscript by December 31, 2023.

Human efforts to discover new worlds are paying off faster in the digital universe than in the physical universe. A new digital universe called the metaverse, created by global IT companies and academia, is attracting ever-increasing attentions. However, the emerging metaverse requires a better gateway, and researchers are looking for it in AR and VR technologies.

The AR and VR display systems are rapidly evolving from wired, heavy, bulky, and low-resolution systems to wireless, lightweight, compact, and high-resolution systems, to provide a more comfortable and immersive user interface. To achieve these goals, various optical materials and components are being developed and integrated into related electronic display devices. The intent of this Forum is to highlight the latest contributions from leading scientists and technologists in AR and VR devices from the optical material perspective, including but not limited to following topics:

  • Microdisplay light engines, including LCD, OLED, micro-LED, LCOS, MEMS, and laser beam scanner
  • Optical combiners, including freeform, geometric/diffractive/holographic waveguides, and Maxwellian-type
  • Compact and lightweight imaging systems, including pancake lens and foveation
  • Adaptive geometric phase optical elements, including metasurfaces and liquid crystals
  • Gradient refractive index (GRIN) materials for AR/VR systems
  • Tunable/switchable lenses for AR/VR systems
  • Low power consumption solutions for AR/VR systems

The organizing editors of this Forum:

Dr. Shin-Tson Wu, Guest Editor, University of Central Florida

Dr. Jang-Kun Song, Associate Editor of ACS Applied Optical Materials

Submission Instructions:

To join this Forum, please be sure to select the Forum topic when submitting your manuscript to ACS Applied Optical Materials.

Manuscripts submitted for consideration for this Forum will undergo the same rigorous peer review process expected from ACS journals. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication can expect to be informed within 10 weeks of their submission date.

When submitting your manuscript please be sure to check that the scope of your manuscript fits that of ACS Applied Optical Materials. For details of our manuscript types and requirements, please consult the Author Guidelines.

If you have questions about the scope and/or about publishing in ACS Applied Optical Materials, please contact Managing Editor Dr. Chengmei Zhong.

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