This Virtual Special Issue will showcase recent international trends addressing diseases of the brain and central nervous system. Submit your manuscript by June 1, 2024.

An image of a brain on a purple background.

In effort to support and highlight recent international trends addressing diseases of the brain and central nervous system, Molecular Pharmaceutics will publish a Virtual Special Issue titled “Emerging Strategies to Deliver Therapeutics to the Brain.”

This Virtual Special Issue will explore recent technological advances that have revolutionized the way we can treat brain related disorders. Innovations across the pharmaceutical sciences, including development of new drugs, as well as improving dose levels that can access the brain will be presented. Molecular Pharmaceutics encourages diversity in our research portfolio, and so we encourage submissions from around the world, with particular focus on promoting emerging leaders in the field.

We welcome topics such as:

  • Barriers and fluid flow in the CNS that impact the delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents
  • Nanomedicine and drug delivery to the CNS
  • Strategies to cross the BBB, including endogenous and exogenous stimuli
  • Administration of drugs to the CNS
  • CNS drug delivery in diseases that alter the integrity and function of the brain barriers
  • Physiological and Physicochemical factors affecting drug delivery to the CNS
  • In-vitro and in-vivo models to predict CNS drug delivery
  • Drug transporters and metabolizing enzymes influencing the brain drug delivery
  • Non-conventional drug delivery portals including olfactory and trigeminal pathways
  • Systems pharmacology models describing ADME characteristics of endogenous and exogenous molecules

Treating disorders of the brain remains a key challenge for improving human health. Our hope is that you will contribute to what promises to be an exciting and valuable virtual special issue that recognizes the current state-of-play in delivering molecular pharmaceutics to the brain. Please reach out with any questions.

Organizing Editors

Meritxell Teixidó, Ph.D., Guest Editor
Gate2Brain, Spain | Email

Bingyang Shi, Ph.D., Guest Editor
Macquarie University, Australia | Email

Karunya Kandimalla, Ph.D., Guest Editor
University of Minnesota, United States | Email

Submission Information

We welcome submissions for this Virtual Special Issue through June 1, 2024. For more information on submission requirements, please visit the journal’s Author Guidelines page.

Molecular Pharmaceutics is a hybrid subscription journal, meaning there is no publication fee to the author (also called article processing charge or APC) unless the author elects to purchase open access through our various licensing options. Learn about ACS’s open science initiatives here or contact for more information.

How to Submit

  • Log in to the ACS Paragon Plus submission site.
  • Choose the Molecular Pharmaceutics.
  • Select your manuscript type, and under "Virtual Special Issue Selection," choose "Emerging Strategies to Deliver Therapeutics to the Brain."

If you have any general questions regarding submission to this Virtual Special Issue, please contact the organizing editors at their email addresses listed above.

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