This Virtual Special Issue will highlight the latest advances on the use and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in the realms of medicinal chemistry and small molecule drug discovery. Submit your manuscript by May 31, 2024.

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The industry has seen significant successes and impact with AI/ML technologies in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, and this continues to surge interest, investment, and application across the industry. Recognizing the growing influence and crucial role of these technologies, we are devoting a special issue to capture the wide spectrum of advancements and opportunities being made in the field.

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters is launching a Virtual Special Issue to allow authors and researchers to share their invaluable work, insights, and perspectives on this progressive field, thereby assisting and accelerating the continued growth and progression of AI/ML in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. We invite submissions of Letters, Notes, Technical Notes, Viewpoints, and Microperspectives showcasing the discovery, development, and transformation of AI/ML techniques. To learn more about the topic and what we are looking for in this special issue, read our recently published Editorial.

Organizing Editors

Kelly Chibale, Editor-In-Chief, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Ashley Adams, Topic Editor, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Exscientia, United States

Michael Palovich, Guest Editor
Recursion, United States

Submission Instructions

To submit for this special issue in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters:

  • Log in to the ACS Paragon Plus submission site and choose ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters.
  • Select your manuscript type, and, under "Special Issue Selection," choose " Exploring the Use of AI/ML Technologies in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery."

Please see ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters Author Guidelines for more information on submission requirements. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2024.

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