Digital artwork of a close-up organic molecule with silver, white, yellow, and red detail

ACS Publications is pleased to expand our partnership with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) to include structure visualizations on Inorganic Chemistry, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, Organic Letters, and Organometallics, and effective April 2023, research articles published in these journals will have structures visualized directly on the article page if the associated CIF files are stored at the CCDC.

The interactive 3D visualizer is located in the Supporting Information just after the conclusion of the article. Researchers will be able to click through to see more info on the structure or download the underlying data set from the CCDC. The interactive 3D visualizer has been available on Crystal Growth & Design since March 2022, and we plan to continue to expand this to other ACS journals in the future.

Check out the Crystal Growth & Design article, Discovering Crystal Forms of the Novel Molecular Semiconductor OEG-BTBT, to discover the CIF viewer which is shown here:

3D Visualizer
Source: CCDC

Include a 3D Visualizer on Your Article

Authors that deposit CIF files with the CCDC via the CCDC’s CIF deposition service prior to submission to Crystal Growth & Design, Inorganic Chemistry, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, and Organic Letters, Organometallics will see these 3D visualizations on their published articles. Please also review the guidelines for the CIF Workflow when submitting research:

  • CIF files and structure factor data must be deposited with CCDC via the CCDC’s CIF deposition service prior to submission with the participating ACS Publications.
  • CIF files deposited with the CCDC should NOT be uploaded in ACS Paragon Plus at submission.
  • CIF files are required and should be generated during CIF deposition at CCDC and uploaded as Supporting Information for Review Only in ACS Paragon Plus.
  • Authors should defend/respond to A and/or B level alerts in their cover letter (as required by the individual journal) and these may be added to the CIF during CIF deposition at CCDC.
  • All revised CIF files should be uploaded to CCDC only and the changes should be communicated to the journal office at revision.

View the complete Requirements for Depositing X-Ray Crystallographic Data in our author guidelines for all details on the submission of CIFs and a list of file types accommodated by the CCDC.

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