This Special Issue aims to capture the newest developments in organometallic photochemistry. Submit your manuscript by December 1, 2023.

Photochemistry is a longstanding powerful strategy for increasing the efficiency and selectivity of novel transformations in chemical synthesis, probing the properties of compounds, and developing new applications with societal benefits. Much work remains in developing photocatalysts with higher stability, activity, and performance, including exploring diverse metals and metal–ligand combinations, as well as novel chromophores. To capture the newest developments, Organometallics is publishing a Special Issue “Shining light on Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis, Mechanisms, and Applications Driven by Photochemistry.”

To make the relevance to organometallic photochemistry and photophysical topics clear, submitted manuscripts should ideally feature one of the following attributes:

  • A new organometallic photochemistry synthetic methodology to prepare organic compounds.
  • A novel organometallic photochemistry mechanism

Submit your manuscript by December 1, 2023.


This Special Issue will be managed by:

Prof. Paul Chirik, Editor-in-Chief, Organometallics
Princeton University, USA

Prof. Liang Deng, Associate Editor, Organometallics
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China

Dr. Xuefeng Jiang, Guest Editor
East China Normal University (Editorial Advisory Board member), China

Dr. Dominik Munz, Guest Editor
University of Saarland (Editorial Advisory Board member), Germany

Dr. Sun Dongbang, Guest Editor
Sogang University, South Korea

Dr. Debashis Adhikari, Guest Editor
IISER Mohali, India

Submission Instructions

Manuscripts may be formatted as Full Articles or Communications. Reviews will be considered following approval of a brief proposal. The inclusion of FAIR data and both positive and negative results is encouraged.

To submit your manuscript, visit the Organometallics website. Please follow the normal procedures for manuscript submission, and when on the ACS Paragon Plus submission site, select the special issue “Shining light on Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis, Mechanisms, and Applications Driven by Photochemistry.” All manuscripts will undergo the normal peer review process. For additional submission instructions, please see the Organometallics Author Guidelines.

Open Access

There are diverse open-access options for publications in American Chemical Society journals. Please visit our Open Science Resource Center for more information.

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