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Call for Papers: "The Physical Chemistry of Perovskites" Virtual Special Issue in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

William Aumiller
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The Journal of Physical Chemistry C will publish a Virtual Special Issue on “The Physical Chemistry of Perovskites. Submit your new and unpublished work by August 31, 2023.

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry C will publish a Virtual Special Issue (VSI) on “The Physical Chemistry of Perovskites.” We encourage researchers to submit their new and unpublished work by August 31, 2023.

Research areas of particular interest include:

  • Experimental measurements of optical and electronic properties
  • Ultrafast studies of excited state dynamics, including electron and energy transfer processes
  • Studies of how changes in structure and composition affect properties
  • Papers that explore perovskites as active components in photovoltaic and optoelectronics devices
  • Accurate and novel theory methods for predicting band structure and properties
  • Studies of stability and structure

In conceiving this Virtual Special Issue, we were inspired by some recent exciting innovations and discoveries, including:

  • Demonstration of perovskite based solar cells with exceptional performance
  • Development of synthesis design rules to minimize defects and improve optical and device properties
  • Novel applications, including X-ray Imaging Scintillators and Detectors, and near-IR diodes
  • Ultrafast studies that provide fundamental information about charge carrier dynamics, leading to improved device performance
  • Use of oxide perovskites for applications in catalysis
  • Advanced computational studies, such as first-principles molecular dynamics calculations, that generate new insight into polaron formation, band structure, and how fluctuations affect properties

Explore recent perovskite research published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Submission Instructions

The review process for all submissions for this VSI will be handled by The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Senior Editors, Libai Huang, Jian-Feng Li, Zhimei Sun and Gregory Hartland.

To ensure an unbiased peer-review process, the journal asks that you do not indicate within your manuscript that the submission is intended for the VSI. If you do, your manuscript will be returned for correction. Instead, when you submit your manuscript, please indicate this on your cover letter and note what part and section you feel will be the best fit. You can find a complete list of sections and other important information for authors in the The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Author Guidelines.

As with all submissions to The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, your manuscript should represent a rigorous scientific report of original research, as it will be peer-reviewed as a regular article. Manuscripts are expected to provide new physical insight and/or present new theoretical or computational methods of broad interest.

If you are unsure if your research is within the VSI’s scope or have other questions about submitting a manuscript to this VSI, please email The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Deputy Editor Gregory Hartland’s office at

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