ACS Omega more than doubled the number of articles it published in 2018 (2,044) over 2017 (1,008) thanks to authors, reviewers, and editors around the world, wrote Co-Editors Krishna N. Ganesh and Deqing Zhang in their recent editorial. “While we anticipated growth in all key metrics for the journal, the year 2018 truly surpassed all […]

The articles published included eight ACS Editors’ Choice articles, which were chosen by ACS Editors from across all ACS journals for their quality and interest to the global research community. In 2018 ACS Omega also substantially increased its readership and expanded its Editorial Board.

As ACS Omega continues to grow in 2019, Professor Ganesh, Professor Zhang, and the entire Editorial Board hope you will join its global community by reading the journal and submitting your research.

If you’re not sure if ACS Omega is where you want to publish, read on to learn more about three reasons authors around the world are publishing open access in this journal.

1) You Can Publish Open Access in ACS Omega for $750

The ACS Omega article publishing charge (APC) is $750 per article for most authors. This price makes it an affordable option to publish your research open access in a high-quality, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal from the publishers of the Journal of the American Chemical Society and more than 55 other respected academic journals.

If you live in one of the more than 75 countries eligible for an ACS Omega country discount, your price to publish open access in the journal will be lower. For example, authors in India receive a country discount of $500, which makes their APC for ACS Omega just $250.

See if your country is eligible for an ACS Omega country discount.

2) ACS Omega Authors Get a Lot More Than Fully Open-Access Publishing

When you publish with ACS Omega, you also get:

  • Global exposure. ACS Omega’s editors, authors, and readers span the globe creating a diverse international community of scientists sharing and discussing the newest research findings.
  • Active researchers as editors. ACS Omega’s editorial decision-making comes from a team of respected, active researchers who represent the broad range of chemistry and related fields.
  • High-quality peer review. ACS Omega follows the same thorough peer-review process as all ACS Publications journals—a process honed over the course of more than a century of scientific publishing.
  • Rapid processing. ACS Omega’s editorial team has processes in place to get articles through the peer-review process fast so they can publish your article quickly.

3) ACS Omega Authors Get a 1-Year ACS Membership

Corresponding authors who publish open access with ACS Omega in 2019 and aren’t current members also receive with their $750 APC a free one-year membership in the American Chemical Society and join the world’s largest society of chemistry professionals.

ACS members receive a long list of benefits, including:

  • Meeting registration discounts. ACS Members receive significant discounts on the registration fees for ACS’s Spring and Fall National Meetings and dozens of ACS Regional Meetings held across the U.S. each year.
  • A C&EN subscription. ACS Members get a free subscription to Chemical & Engineering News and the C&EN Archives. C&EN has editors and reporters around the world covering news related to science and technology, business and industry, government and policy, education, and employment aspects of the chemistry field.
  • Complimentary SciFinder® use. ACS Members get 25 complimentary SciFinder® activities for personal use per membership term. SciFinder® is a research-discovery solution that brings together the world’s largest, most reliable chemistry and science-related databases under a single interface. You can use it to search for chemical information on substances, reactions, and references from patents, journals, chemical suppliers, web sources, books, conferences, and more.

What Can You Publish in ACS Omega?

The ACS OmegaCo-Editors and the journal’s entire Editorial Board encourage you to submit your manuscript to ACS Omega.

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