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Biomacromolecules is a leading forum for the dissemination of cutting-edge research at the interface of polymer science and biology. Submissions to Biomacromolecules should contain strong elements of innovation in terms of macromolecular design, synthesis and characterization, or in the application of polymer materials to biology and medicine.

Topics covered by Biomacromolecules include, but are not exclusively limited to: sustainable polymers, polymers based on natural and renewable resources, degradable polymers, polymer conjugates, polymeric drugs, polymers in biocatalysis, biomacromolecular assembly, biomimetic polymers, polymer-biomineral hybrids, biomimetic-polymer processing, polymer recycling, bioactive polymer surfaces, original polymer design for biomedical applications such as immunotherapy, drug delivery, gene delivery, antimicrobial applications, diagnostic imaging and biosensing, polymers in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, polymeric scaffolds and hydrogels for cell culture and delivery.


Macromolecules publishes original, fundamental, and impactful research on all aspects of polymer science. Topics of interest include synthesis (e.g., controlled polymerizations, polymerization catalysis, post polymerization modification, new monomer structures and polymer architectures, and polymerization mechanisms/kinetics analysis); phase behavior, thermodynamics, dynamic, and ordering/disordering phenomena (e.g., self-assembly, gelation, crystallization, solution/melt/solid-state characteristics); structure and properties (e.g., mechanical and rheological properties, surface/interfacial characteristics, electronic and transport properties); new state of the art characterization (e.g., spectroscopy, scattering, microscopy, rheology), simulation (e.g., Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, multi-scale/coarse-grained modeling), and theoretical methods. Renewable/sustainable polymers, polymer networks, responsive polymers, electro-, magneto- and opto-active macromolecules, inorganic polymers, charge-transporting polymers (ion-containing, semiconducting, and conducting), nanostructured polymers, and polymer composites are also of interest. Typical papers published in Macromolecules showcase important and innovative concepts, experimental methods/observations, and theoretical/computational approaches that demonstrate a fundamental advance in the understanding of polymers.

ACS Macro Letters

ACS Macro Letters publishes research in all areas of contemporary soft matter science in which macromolecules play a key role, including nanotechnology, self-assembly, supramolecular chemistry, biomaterials, energy generation and storage, and renewable/sustainable materials. Submissions to ACS Macro Letters should justify clearly the rapid disclosure of the key elements of the study. The scope of the journal includes high-impact research of broad interest in all areas of polymer science and engineering, including cross-disciplinary research that interfaces with polymer science.

With the launch of ACS Macro Letters, all Communications that were formerly published in Macromolecules and Biomacromolecules will be published as Letters in ACS Macro Letters.

ACS Applied Polymer Materials

ACS Applied Polymer Materials is an interdisciplinary journal publishing original research covering all aspects of engineering, chemistry, physics, and biology relevant to applications of polymers.

The journal is devoted to reports of new and original experimental and theoretical research of an applied nature that integrates fundamental knowledge in the areas of materials, engineering, physics, bioscience, polymer science and chemistry into important polymer applications. The journal is specifically interested in work that addresses relationships among structure, processing, morphology, chemistry, properties, and function as well as work that provide insights into mechanisms critical to the performance of the polymer for applications. Sample research topics that span the journal’s scope are polymer applications in energy storage and conversion, separations, membranes, adhesives, functional coatings, sensing, adaptive and reconfigurable materials, electronics, photonics, biomaterials, and nanocomposites. The journal also considers novel approaches to the synthesis of new and existing polymers that are designed for specific applications.

With its focus on applications, ACS Applied Polymer Materials not only complements ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, but also the portfolio of existing ACS publications on fundamental materials science discovery, including Chemistry of Materials, Langmuir, Biomacromolecules, Macromolecules, ACS Macro Letters, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B/C, and Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

ACS Polymers Au

ACS Polymers Au is an open access journal, which publishes original, cutting-edge and impactful research on all aspects of polymer science and related cross-disciplinary areas.

The journal publishes all areas of macromolecular and soft matter science and their applications, including polymer synthesis and modification, polymer characterization, nanotechnology, self-assembly, supramolecular chemistry, energy generation and storage, electronics, photonics, sensing, adaptive materials, membranes, renewable and sustainable materials, biomaterials and biomedical applications of polymers.

Submissions should highlight innovation and advances in the fundamental understanding of polymers through studies covering synthesis; phase behavior, thermodynamics, dynamic phenomena; structure and properties; new state of the art characterization, modeling, simulation, and theoretical methods. Manuscripts in any of the above topics of interest that report studies integrating fundamental knowledge in the areas of polymer science and chemistry into important polymer applications and their performance are also welcome.

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