ACS Researcher Resources provides everything you need to submit or review research papers with ACS journals.

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Publishing is a core element of the research process. It allows new findings to be reviewed, contextualized, curated, and built upon by others. But the seemingly simple process of preparing and submitting a manuscript is often daunting in practice.

ACS Publications is working to remove as many barriers as possible to authors and to encourage more people to support research through peer review.

ACS Researcher Resources brings together all the ACS resources that help authors and reviewers be part of the publishing community. This includes:

  • ACS Author Lab: a free, online guide to preparing manuscripts for ACS journals and responding to reviewers’ comments
  • ACS Reviewer Lab: a free, online course designed to help researchers become effective peer reviewers
  • Author guidelines and templates for all ACS journals
  • Tips for writing and promoting your work effectively
  • ACS policy guides for ethics, data, copyright, open access, integrity and much more

Publishing is a continuously changing process. There is always something new to learn, whether you are a new graduate researcher just setting out on your first project, or an established professor with many publications to your name. ACS Researcher Resources provides the essential information you need.

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