Learn about the innovative steps ACS Publications, alongside other leaders in scholarly publishing, is taking to cultivate a shared scholarly infrastructure—and explore how these strategic collaborations and advancements in technology are revolutionizing global scientific communication.

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We are currently in the era of a second digital transformation in scholarly publishing, and it’s increasingly clear that collective problem-solving by all stakeholders in our publishing community will be essential to meet existing and future shared infrastructure needs.

On January 29, Ithaka S+R issued “The Second Digital Transformation of Scholarly Publishing,” a white paper that provided an overview of the essential standards and technology comprising the underlying infrastructure that supports scholarly publishing. ACS Publications and other scholarly publishers commissioned the report and provided financial sponsorship through STM Solutions to ensure that we can all meet the needs of a scholarly communications system that is open and trusted at scale.

Cultivating a sustainable shared infrastructure is a collective challenge, requiring strategic collaboration to help us meet existing and evolving needs. A shared infrastructure can improve interoperability and ensure that researchers have a true choice of where to publish and which tools to use to discover and share content. The report offers various recommendations that align with the strategy of ACS Publications and STM—alongside ongoing work in research integrity, Al, and other areas—and suggests additional concrete activities to advance trusted research.

Additionally, ACS Publications is working alongside ChronosHub to build an innovative platform for scientific publishing that will make it easier for every author, reviewer, and editor to contribute to the scholarly record through ACS journals. This new infrastructure and support from ACS will also extend ChronosHub's ability to provide leading solutions to publishers, institutions, and funders, fueling necessary and beneficial digital transformation across the publishing landscape.

We look forward to continuing to partner with all stakeholders in the scholarly publishing community to promote and safeguard a vibrant environment for the distribution of trusted research across the globe. Learn more about the need for these shared efforts in the Ithaka S+R white paper.

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