Celebrate Peer Review Week with us from September 25 – 29 as we offer resources, insights, and events dedicated to this year’s theme, “Peer Review and The Future of Publishing.”

This year from September 25 – 29, ACS Publications is excited to celebrate Peer Review Week 2023 with a number of opportunities for our community to get involved in all things Peer Review. We will be diving into the emerging topics and issues affecting the entire publishing community—including researchers, authors, reviewers, chemists, and educators—related to this year's theme: Peer Review and The Future of Publishing.

Here's how you can participate in Peer Review Week 2023:
  • Register for a special ACS Webinar on Wednesday, September 27 from 2:00–3:00 PM EST. Prof. Osvaldo Oliveira, Executive Editor at ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, and Sonja Krane, Senior Associate Publisher at ACS Publications, will discuss the adaptation to AI in the peer review and publishing process. You'll also have the chance to participate in a Q&A session.
  • Dive into ACS Axial blog posts throughout the week, featuring insights from subject matter experts and highlighting current issues shaping the future of peer review and publishing.
  • Follow us on social media! Participate in daily polls on the future of peer review and publishing at @ACSPublications, stay informed via LinkedIn and Facebook, and join the celebration as we recognize and thank our ACS Reviewer community throughout the week.

We look forward to celebrating Peer Review Week 2023 with you!

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