How the ACS Manuscript Transfer Service is Helping Authors Get Published

Sarah Rahman
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Accepting an invitation to transfer your manuscript could help boost your chances of acceptance, increase the visibility of your research, and ensure that your work finds its perfect home within the ACS journal portfolio.

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ACS Publications is committed to ensuring your hard work reaches the most relevant and expansive audience for your research and findings. The ACS Manuscript Transfer Service takes the burden off of the author(s) by simplifying and shortening the transfer time between journals once your transfer invitation has been accepted.

Why accept an invitation to transfer?

ACS Publications journals serve as the ideal platform for groundbreaking research in the field of chemistry and its related sciences. The ACS editorial team collaborates with editors from other journals to ensure the optimal placement of your valuable work. By agreeing to transfer your manuscript and subsequently having it accepted for publication in the new journal, your research will gain exposure to a broader and more pertinent audience within the field. Notably, transferred manuscripts enjoy a higher acceptance rate compared to the average rate of acceptance across ACS Publications.

ACS Manuscript Transfer Process

What is the ACS Manuscript Transfer Service?

ACS Manuscript Transfer is an opt-in service that simplifies and shortens the submission process to another ACS journal.

When an ACS Editor assesses that a manuscript is a better fit for an alternate journal within ACS Publications, the Authors will receive an invitation to transfer the manuscript.

Once the invitation is accepted, the Manuscript Transfer Service allows the author(s) to transfer the manuscript and submission details without restarting the entire submission process.

Does a manuscript transfer offer automatically mean my paper is accepted for publication?

No. Every journal in ACS Publications is editorially independent. Transferring a manuscript is not a guarantee that the manuscript will be accepted in the new journal as the final publication decision will be from the editor of the new journal.

For details on how the manuscript transfer service is implemented and its implications, please visit the ACS Manuscript Transfer Service page below.

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ACS Manuscript Transfer Service

The Manuscript Transfer Service allows authors to transfer the manuscript and submission details to another ACS journal without restarting the entire submission process. This helps simplify and shorten the process of submitting the manuscript to a different journal.

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