Must-Reads for Elevating Your Expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Explore the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence and machine learning in chemistry and materials science with ACS Publications. Our authoritative, peer-reviewed digital books offer comprehensive insights and practical applications to empower professionals and researchers at all career stages.

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In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, staying at the forefront of research and innovation is crucial for professionals in chemistry and materials science.

ACS Publications offers a treasure trove of knowledge through our collection of digital books and solutions specifically tailored to these fields. Learn more about some of the latest digital publications that are shaping the future of AI, machine learning, and data science across multiple areas of chemistry.

Machine Learning in Chemistry

This comprehensive guide is a must-read for chemists eager to integrate machine learning into their research. It delves into how machine learning can revolutionize chemical predictions, molecular design, and even the way we approach complex chemical problems. The book serves as both an introduction for beginners and a rich source of advanced methods for experienced researchers.

Machine Learning in Materials Science

Materials science is on the brink of a new era, thanks to machine learning. This book provides an in-depth exploration of how machine learning techniques are being used to discover, design, and characterize new materials faster and more efficiently than ever before. It's an invaluable resource for materials scientists looking to harness the power of AI in their work.

Molecular Representations for Machine Learning

Understanding molecular representations is key in applying machine learning to chemistry. This book offers a detailed look at various molecular representation methods and how they can be employed effectively in machine learning models. It's ideal for those seeking to deepen their knowledge of the interface between chemical informatics and machine learning.

Python for Chemists

Python is a powerful tool in a chemist's arsenal, especially when it comes to AI and machine learning. This book is tailored to chemists with no prior experience in programming, offering a gentle introduction to Python and its applications in chemical research. It's the perfect starting point for chemists looking to develop their computational skills.

ACS in Focus Cover: Python for Chemists
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Python for Chemists

Kiyoto Aramis Tanemura, Diego Sierra-Costa, Kenneth M. Merz Jr.
DOI: 10.1021/acsinfocus.7e5030

Deepen Your Knowledge

The intersection of AI, machine learning, and data mining with chemistry and materials science is creating unprecedented opportunities for innovation and discovery. These books from ACS Publications are not just resources; they are gateways to the future of scientific research.

For a broader look at the range of topics covered by ACS Publications in this field, visit our dedicated page on AI/Machine Learning, containing a wealth of resources and solutions for chemists at all phases of their careers.

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