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ACS Publications — the publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) — is pleased to announce that its growing portfolio of over 80 journals remains the most influential and impactful collection in the chemical and multidisciplinary sciences.

The 2023 Journal Citation Reports™, released yesterday from Clarivate™, show that ACS Publications journals achieved a median Journal Impact Factor™ of 5.3, with over 4.4 million portfolio-wide citations last year. This metric provides a measure of how often an average article in each journal was cited, and the strength of this median score indicates the continuing importance of ACS Publications as a vehicle for scientific innovation and discovery.

“We are proud to see that our journals remain preeminent in the field of chemistry as our portfolio evolves to best serve the needs of our scientific community,” said ACS Publications President James Milne, Ph.D. “Our trusted journals always strive to publish the most cutting-edge research that drives innovation for the betterment of humanity, and this mission guides us to continued excellence.”

Some of the most established ACS Publications journals remain incredibly impactful and important. ACS Publications’ flagship journal JACS — the Journal of the American Chemical Society (15.0) — maintains its position as the most cited journal in chemistry with 580,144 citations in 2022. Other most cited ACS Publications journals in their categories include:

  • Analytical Chemistry (7.4), with 159,527 citations in Analytical Chemistry
  • Crystal Growth & Design (3.8), with 33,558 citations in Crystallography
  • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (6.1), with 151,538 citations in Agriculture, Multidisciplinary
  • Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (7.3), with 89,971 citations in Chemistry, Medicinal

The expanding range of fully open access journals at ACS Publications continues to establish its influence, with JACS Au (8.0) and ACS Polymers Au (3.9) receiving their first Journal Impact Factors™ and joining the ranks of ACS Central Science (18.2) and ACS Omega (4.1), two of ACS Publications’ other fully open access journals recognized in the 2023 Journal Citation Reports™. As a long-term and committed supporter of open science, ACS Publications is leading the way in the establishment of successful and influential open access journals.

“With many of our newer journals receiving recognition from the Journal Citation Reports™ for the first time, we are excited to continue sustainably growing our portfolio while we maintain and strengthen our high standards of excellence,” said ACS Publications Senior Vice President, Journals Publishing Group, Sarah Tegen, Ph.D. “We are deeply grateful for the dedication of our authors, editors, and peer reviewers, who make it possible for our journals to be the most trusted, most cited, and most read in chemistry.”

Of the 68 ACS Publications journals that received a Journal Impact Factor™ in 2023, 10 were featured in the Journal Citation Reports™ for the first time:

  • Accounts of Materials Research (14.6), established in 2020, in partnership with ShanghaiTech University
  • ACS Agricultural Science & Technology (2.5), established in 2020
  • ACS Applied Bio Materials (4.7), established in 2018
  • ACS Chemical Health & Safety (3.0), established in 2019
  • ACS ES&T Engineering (7.1), established in 2020
  • ACS ES&T Water (5.3), established in 2020
  • ACS Food Science & Technology (2.3), established in 2020
  • ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science (6.0), established in 2018
  • ACS Polymers Au (3.9), established in 2021
  • JACS Au (8.0), established in 2020

An additional eight ACS Publications journals achieved record high Journal Impact Factors™:

  • ACS Applied Electronic Materials (4.7)
  • ACS Applied Polymer Materials (5.0)
  • ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering (5.8)
  • ACS Materials Letters (11.4)
  • Energy & Fuels (5.3)
  • Environmental Science & Technology (11.4)
  • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (6.1)
  • Journal of Natural Products (5.1)

The 2023 Journal Citation Reports™ demonstrate that ACS Publications journals remain the best home for the most inventive research in chemistry and its related sciences. Researchers can trust that this record of excellence will continue as ACS Publications expands its portfolio with journals that create space for new research, new discoveries, and new innovations that will improve lives through the transforming power of chemistry.

Understand the full reach, impact, and influence of ACS Publications journals by accessing citation, usage, and peer review metrics for journals across the portfolio here.

If you are a reporter who would like to write about this announcement, please reach out to the ACS Newsroom: newsroom@acs.org.


The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS Publications) is a leader in providing access to chemistry-related information and research through over 80 peer-reviewed journals, as well digital books, reference materials, and educational tools. It thus provides its members and the worldwide scientific community with a comprehensive collection of high-quality information products and services for the practice and advancement of the chemical sciences.

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