Trace a decade of innovation in open science with our interactive timeline, showcasing ACS Publications' pioneering efforts in open access and open science workflows.

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Open science is a core part of ACS Publications’ vision for the future of chemistry. For 10+ years, we’ve worked continuously to expand our support for open science workflows and broaden open access options for authors, helping the chemistry community to adopt open science practices at the pace they require.

Mapping more than a decade of support for open science

Our new, fully interactive open science timeline shows the remarkable journey we've taken; it provides all of the relevant tools, discussions, and highlights of our open science journey to date.

For instance, did you know that:

  • ACS Publications kickstarted open access across our journals by offering more than $60m in open access stimulus to authors?
  • ACS Central Science, our diamond open access journal which is completely free for both authors and readers, published its first issue in March 2015?
  • Our first read and publish agreement, with the Dutch Consortia, was signed in 2017—a program which has since grown to cover over 1,500 institutions worldwide?
  • ChemRxiv, launched in 2018, published its 20,000th preprint in late 2023?

Explore these milestones and more with our interactive timeline below.

Embark on the journey of open science discovery
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ACS Publications' Open Science Timeline

From the opening of selected journal archives more than 15 years ago, ACS has a long history of championing open science. Discover some of the selected highlights from the last 10 years below.

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