This series of digital primers is the perfect tool for library patrons at all career levels, bridging the gap between undergraduate knowledge and in-depth scholarly articles.

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As a librarian, you may be aware of the challenges students and scientists at your institution face in staying current with the ever-evolving field of chemistry. They tell us they need to keep up with advancements in their own fields while also learning about new topics and techniques in other scientific areas of study.They ask for resources that bridge the gap between undergraduate knowledge and in-depth scholarly articles.

ACS In Focus is that crucial bridge for your library's patrons. This series of digital books serve as primers, designed specifically for students and scientists at all levels to get up to speed quickly on important topics and applications.

The Top Five Reasons to Invest in ACS In Focus

5. ACS In Focus bridges the knowledge gap.

These digital primers cater to readers at many levels, from advanced undergraduates up through the seasoned scientist. They provide a more digestible starting point where, in contrast, textbooks and knowledge gained from in-depth scholarly research articles are often too much.

ACS In Focus provides a clear and concise introduction to complex topics making them ideal for young researchers who need to get up to speed on a new area of study. Librarians often suggest that when exploring a new area, patrons start their research journey with ACS In Focus, then search and browse the research in journals and other scientific literature.

4. ACS In Focus makes it easier for patrons to stay current.

The evolving and expanding nature of chemistry and related applications means patrons constantly need fresh and up-to-date information. The ACS In Focus collections expand each year, with a new title on emerging topics publishing every few weeks, ensuring your institution's resources remain at the forefront of the field. This also empowers both students and faculty to stay current with the latest advancements, fostering a dynamic learning and research environment at your institution.

3. ACS In Focus delivers a trusted and reputable resource for scientific information.

ACS In Focus is published by the American Chemical Society, one of the oldest and largest scientific societies in the world dedicated to advancing chemistry research and education around the globe. Each concise ACS In Focus book is authored by experts in their area of study and is rigorously peer reviewed. This ensures your patrons have access to the latest advancements and developments written by renowned authors that cover a broad range of emerging topics, techniques, and more.

2. ACS In Focus serves patrons from all departments.

ACS In Focus is not just for chemists! This series is a valuable resource for your patrons seeking a deeper understanding of chemistry specific topics, and it also delivers on a vast spectrum of related scientific areas such as energy, materials science, machine learning, and drug discovery. This makes it “must have” reading for those studying engineering, life science, computer science, and physics. In addition, they cover foundational concepts to cutting-edge techniques, making them valuable for both general interest readers and scientists enrolled in advanced research courses.

1. ACS In Focus is an investment in the future of science.

By purchasing one or more collections from the ACS In Focus series, you and your institution are making a solid investment in the future for those advancing the sciences. You are providing students, faculty, and staff with the tools they need to excel in their academic pursuits, fostering a passion for scientific exploration, and equipping them with the resources they need to push the boundaries of knowledge.

ACS In Focus is the comprehensive solution your institution needs to foster a culture of learning and innovation for the next generation of scientists. Visit the pages below to learn more.

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