ACS Axial launched three years ago, dedicated to connecting chemists with all the best news, research, and resources produced by ACS Publications. Since then the blog has published more than 1,300 articles, delving into every discipline of chemistry and every facet of the ACS’ mission of improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry. […]

Since its debut in September of 2015, ACS Axial has become a hub for chemists around the world who connect with the site through the homepage, social media, and the blog’s monthly email newsletter. But as the site grew, it became clear that it needed to evolve to better serve the community it had built. Today, the site is relaunching with a new look and feel, new features, and a new community-first focus.

Here are three ways the site is changing to better suit your needs.

  • A new focus on the chemistry community: Did you know that anyone can write a guest post on ACS Axial? It’s true! Check out the site’s author guidelines and discover how you can become an ACS Axial contributor and share your perspective on your research, chemist culture, issues facing the profession and more!
  • A clean, light design built for mobile: A lot of ACS Axial readers browse the site on their phones. Maybe you did a quick web search for a question about getting started as a reviewer. Maybe you saw a link on Twitter about tips for improving your lab productivity. Maybe you just got the latest ACS Axial email newsletter and want to dive into a compendium of the most read recent research. Mobile readers deserve the best possible reading experience. The new ACS Axial delivers a best-in-class mobile experience, with clean displays, shorter page load times and a simpler user interface.
  • A better navigation experience: Whether you’re looking for career advice, research in your field, or news on your favorite ACS journal, it’s important that you be able to find what you need – and discover more great stories along the way. That’s why the site’s search function has been rebuilt to give you more ways to search and filter through all the ACS Axial stories to find the ones that are most relevant to your needs. The new site also makes it easier to sign up for the ACS Axial Newsletter, which gives you a monthly dose of great ACS stories.

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