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Learn About Ice Cream Chemistry With ACS Webinars


June’s Webinar: Ice Cream Chemistry

Making good ice cream is no easy feat. Food scientist Rich Hartel of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will discuss how ice crystals, air cells, and fat clusters relate to ice cream’s properties and quality. Learn about the chemistry behind everyone’s favorite treat as we welcome the summer and get ready to indulge in a cool bowl of ice cream!

Join us for this free webinar and you’ll learn:

  •  The process of making ice cream from beginning to end and what factors affect its quality.
  • A complex multi-phase system that produces the different tastes of ice cream.
  • The Standard of Identity that defines ice cream and the variation in ice cream products.


Date: Thursday, June 9, 2016, at 2pm ET

Fee: Free to Attend

Download Slides: Available Day of Broadcast


Rich Hartel, Professor of Food Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Maya Warren, Food scientist & Reality Television Star

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