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A Librarian’s Quick Reference Guide to the ACS Open Access program

To save time, and to equip our library community with the right tools to deal with open access questions from faculty and researchers, we have compiled a brief post here (also available as a PDF download) that covers the main things you need to know about the open access program here at ACS Publications.

Let’s do a quick recap on the 5 main ways ACS supports open access and then dive into the AuthorChoice option in more detail:


ACS AuthorChoice: Help your researchers to publish open access with a full menu of options from ACS. Authors can publish articles open access in all of our journal titles for a fee.


ACS Editors’ Choice: Enjoy a fresh and free slice of new research every day, hand-picked by ACS Editors. Our Editors nominate an article of specific interest every day of the year, which is then given an open access license and is free for everyone, everywhere to read.


ACS Author Rewards: Providing the research community with potential savings on the order of $60 million. Authors of papers in ACS journals in 2014 received $1500 worth of credit against future open access publications. These are valid until the end of 2017, and are transferable!


ACS Central Science: ACS’ first fully open access multidisciplinary journal with impactful and ground breaking research and reviews.This journal is unique in that it is completely open access, free to read for everyone, and there are also no article processing charges. Free for libraries and authors! Sponsored by the ACS.


ACS Omega: An open access, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal with fast publication and low author publishing charges. New for 2016. A brand new destination for publishing sound articles in the chemical sciences and beyond.

Download our new postcard that you can share with faculty and keep a handy digital copy on your computer.

Let’s focus now on the AuthorChoice option for a moment, which can often appear to be the most complex. Essentially, it is a mechanism where an ACS author can choose an article in any ACS journal to be made open access on payment of an article processing charge (APC). To make this process easy for authors, and help them ensure that they end up with the option for their needs or funder requirements, we have put together a quick and easy decision tree for this popular open access option.

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