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Chemists Share Their Passion For ACS Technical Divisions

There are many areas of focus that a chemist can pursue throughout their professional career. The world of chemistry includes everything from analytical chemistry to small business chemistry – and beyond!

For this very reason, the American Chemical Society has 32 Technical Divisions, which allow subject matter experts of chemistry to get together and share their passion about their specialization. These divisions offer a variety of networking events, meeting programming, and workshops to help members advance their careers. Members can publish in ACS journals and present papers at ACS and Division events throughout the year. They also have the ability to apply for a variety of awards and fellowships.

Most Technical Divisions offer 1 free year of membership to new ACS Members and some even offer a free year to existing members!

As a part of a video series, members are sharing their technical division stories. In these videos they discuss how they benefit from their involvement in a technical division. Watch what fellow chemists have to say in this first set of testimonial videos.

Anna Cavinato speaks about how her membership has been shaped by involvement in the activities of the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry (ANYL).

In this video, Dr. Michelle Kidder encourages membership in the ACS Division of Energy & Fuels (ENFL) if you’re looking for a place to contribute and help advance your science.

Anastasia Ilgen talks about how she joined the ACS Geochemistry Division (GEOC) as a student and remained active because of the strong sense of community it offers.

Jennifer Maclachlan shares her perspective on all of the great networking and meeting programming opportunities for members in the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB).

Want to join a group of like-minded chemists and make important connections that will advance your career? Sign up for a technical division today!

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